Yuuri (Magical Molly!)
Japanese Name ユウリ
Appears in Magica Quartlet's Magical Molly!
Age ???
Gender Female
Race Human

Magical Girl

Hair Color Yellow
Eye Color Pink/Red
Personal Status
Occupation Magical Girl
VA (English) Tabitha St. Germain
VA (Japanese) Yu Kobayashi

Yuuri is a character appearing in Magica Quartlet's Magical Molly!.

Heartless & cunning, Yuuri serves as a faithful servant of The White Sorceress. In reality, she's actually seizing her opportunity to dethrone the White Sorceress, taking her place as the leader.

She serves as the main antagonist in the follow-up series Magical Molly! Second Story, and later an ally at the planned 3rd Season.


Please redirect to Yuuri (Magical Molly!) in Puella Magi Fanon Wikia for more information.


The appearances below are her roles in the movie-only universe.

Magical Molly! THE MOVIE

Despite that she never appeared in the film, she was mentioned by Yuma.

Magical Molly! II

  • V/A: Yu Kobayashi (Japanese), Tabitha St. Germain (English)


Magical Molly! Action Figure Series

  • Magical Girl of Darkness Yuuri
    • Release Date: 2015
    • Japanese ID number: TBA
    • Accessories: 2 Guns, 2 interchargable hands, Large witch hat, display stand


  • Yuuri is HEAVILY based on the character in the same name in Kazumi Magica.
  • Her Magical Girl outfit is slightly altered: her waist part is fully covered. (except for the shoulders, and for no reasons, her chest)
    • And of course, she loses her trademark spoon as well.
  • Her real name is Yuuri Asuka.
  • FYI, She was never Anri Airi.

Foreign names

  • Japanese: 飛鳥 ユウリ (Asuka Yuuri), ユウリ (Yuuri),  かりん (Karin)

See Also

  • Yuuri Asuka/Yuuri, the original Puella Magi Madoka Magica franchises counterpart. (Puella Magi Wiki)

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