Young Witches of Salem
('Sēramu no wakai majo')
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunAugust 20, 2016 (Japan)
August 26, 2016 (USA)
August 31, 2016 (France)
Opening SongPolyrythm
Ending SongDaijyobanai

Young Witches of Salem (セーラムの若い魔女 Sēramu no wakai majo) is a fantasy themed anime created by MikuHatsune145. It revolves around the witches of Salem and their descendants.


From the ashes of the fire who burned the witches of Salem, their descendants and reincarnations, seek vengance and the truth. But the true enemy is out there, hiding and calculating everything from the shadows. Molly, one of the descendants, discovered the truth of her powers and in search of the one who tried to erase her from existence, learns how to adapt to witchcraft and magic with the help of the other descendants. With the help of the powerful Guardian Angel of Molly, the truth is soon to be revealed. But who is that person, hiding from behind, trying to foil the plans of our Young Witches?


  • Color: Red
  • Element: Fire
  • Ancestor: Sarah Osborne

Molly is the main protagonist, she is (or was) shy, reserved and was always closed in her cocoon but after she finally masterized her powers she becamed more confident and has a higher self-esteem of herself. Mikan her guardian angel told her the truth about her witch nature and her ancestor, she helped Molly control her powers and how to use her basic witch powers (such as casting spells and making potion). She was feared by anyone at school because of her dangerous powers and she didn't had friends, Kylie Wildes (a witch too) even make fun of her but after the sudden personality change of Molly, she met the other descendants. Her mother offered her the family Book of Shadows, so she can know more about her powers, creatures, potions and her ancestor, it also contains a family tree. Molly's element is fire and she was using it to only create little flames, but after being teached by her mother and by Mikan, she was able to create fireballs, to throw fire, to transform her body into fire and even to create a sword out of fire. It was revealed than her Ancestor, was an-all powerful witch and that her mother, is also one of the powerfulest witches ever. Molly is a kind of leader of the Young Witches, she was the first to master her powers extremely fast. Like every witch, her powers are linked to her emotions, she uses them for good and is a powerful witch determined to find the one who tries to erase her, much like her Ancestor. She is the bearer of the Mark of the Phoenix, a mark which is an ancient symbol who represents immortality and fire, the fire who burned witches, it was also revealed that her family, possesses powers over fire to avenge witches who were burned at the stake.

  • Color: Pink
  • Element: Lightning
  • Ancestor: Sarah Wildes

Kylie is a quite pretentious, self-centered and snoby girl, even if she was quite popular and is leader of the cheerleaders, she was facing family problems as her parents often left her out. She tried to get the attention of her parents, in vain, she was crying for help and Mikan appeared to help. After she discovered that she is a witch, her parents who finally knew that she knows the truth, told her everything she has to know about witchcraft, magic and her ancestor. When she was attacked by a Witch Hunter, Molly saved her by launching a fire ball at him and she knew that Molly is also a witch. The two started a friendly relationship and Mikan becamed a mentor to them despite not being a witch but she knows a lot of things and has quite impressive skills in magic. Kylie has an affinity for electricity and can use it to fly, propulsing herself in the air and can run faster than any human. She even apologized to Molly for making fun of her, Kylie becamed more friendly and less pretentious, she even supported Arthur to confess to Molly because she knows that the two are in love with each other. Kylie is a powerful witch and never gives up even if the situation is tough.

  • Color: Orange
  • Element: Earth
  • Ancestor: Sarah Good

Amelia is an happy-go-lucky and outgoing girl in the outside but very sad in the inside, because of her parents who constantly have feuds and she strongly believes it's her fault. She was crying every time and Mikan appeared right before her, Mikan helped her talking to her parents about what she feels. After that, they decided they stop having feuds and care more about their daughter, they also told her about her witch heritage. She didn't believed it until she saw Molly using her powerful pyrokinetic powers and when she ripped the ground when she was angry. After her parents reconciliated, she was truly happy and outgoing and quickly becamed friends with Molly and Kylie and they all learned witchcraft with Mikan who has quite impressive magical skills and knowledge. Amelia have an affinity for earth and plants, she can cause the ground to break, plants to grow, rocks to fly and fly on earth. She works a lot on witchcraft and she is very determined to not let any hunter capture her or her friends.


Book of Shadows

Book of shadows, are books which contains spells, potions, informations about creatures and tools which are part of a family of witches. Each family possess its own with its own spells and tools.

Bewitched Objects

The bewitched objects are objects either sacred or cursed by witches, it can be used as hexes to curse someone or to give them strength.



The main location, most of the characters are americans but they moved to Japan. Its a town in Tokyo.

Witches' Lair

A lair created by the Witches to practice magic freely there, it is protected by a defensive magic that prevent evil witches and witch hunters.


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