Yokai Watch Crusaders
妖怪ウォッチ クルセイダーズ
(Yokai Wotchi Kuruuseidaazu)
DirectorKodama Maverick
StudioOLM Team Inoue
NetworkGanke TV
Original RunMarch 2016
Opening SongShiroi Ikakuka

episodes 1-6 Tomaranai Aka episodes 7-12

Ending SongBayonet Charge
Yokai Watch Crusaders (妖怪ウォッチ クルセイダーズ Yokai Wotchi Kuruuseidaazu) is a fanseries by Kodama Maverick and is her 3rd fan project right behind Norse Precure H. 


50 years ago, a war between the Ganso and Honke armies emerged. The two Taichos were rivals and at one point during the war they destroyed areas of Kihago City leaving the city in ruins. Fast Forward to the present where we meet two soon to be second year high school students who live in Kihago City Kimiko Tsuchihara and Tetsuya Ogawa.  One day, they meet a lady Yo-kai named Enraenra who is fleeing from a group named the Kaima who they want Enraenra for their evil plans. Enraenra then gives them a mysterious device called the Yo-Kai Watch GT and a Yo-Kai Medal.  With the power of the Yo-Kai Watch and the medal, the two transformed into the Yo-Kai Watch Crusaders.



Tsuchihara Kimiko (土原 きみこ) She is a 15 year old girl who is an otaku but she also draws and writes whatever she want. She's really interested in the Yo-Kai lore that sometimes she'll change her personality when she's quirky.

Ogawa Tetsuya (小川 テツヤ) - He is a 15 year old male who has been friends with Kimiko since their 3rd year of Junior High School. During his free time, he likes to hang out with his friends, go to the cafe, hearing the frogs at night, or even help Kimiko with school work.


Enraenra (えんらえんら) - She is a yo-kai that wanders around in the atmosphere changing into shapes. Since she is just smoke, she can turn into anything but the way she looks like now is her favorite form. She's more mother like to the two.

Tsuchigumo (土蜘蛛) - Kimiko's Yo-kai. A traditional venerable Yo-kai appearing from the Heian period. His real form is a very big spider that he sometimes shows when he's quirky. He's pretty serious around the two and even to Kimiko.

Ogama (大ガマ) - Tetsuya's Yo-kai. For hundreds of years, this toad who lived became this form. He became like this to not have a withering lifespan and being mindful about his style. For the most part, he has a daredevil attitude and is freespirted around Tetsuya and the the others. He'll say Geko! at sometimes.



Yakkai (厄怪) - A rabbit like midget. He's the first of the Kaima Executives.

Fukai (不怪) - A middle aged woman who can transform into a snake. She's the second of the Kaima Executives.

Gokai (豪怪) - A brute of the executives He's the third member of the Kaima Executives.

Nankai (難怪) - An elderly man carrying a staff. He's the fourth of the Kaima Executives.

Hakai (破怪) - A middle aged man who wears a kimono. The strongest of all the executives. He's the last of the Kaima Executives.

Tamura Ubaune (たむら ウバウネ) - She's represents the life of and is the daughter of Tokio Ubaune. She's second in command of the Kaima.

Kin and Gin (キン・ギン) - Ubaune's servants and they really cherish her with respect.


Kihago City - The city where Kimiko and Tetsuya are from.

Crusaders Hideout - The main base for the Yokai Crusaders and where Kimiko and Tetsuya live.

Kihago High School - The high school that Kimiko and Tetsuya attend.


Yokai Watch GT - A mysterious watch that Enraenra gives Kimiko and Tetsuya use to transform.

Yokai Medal - Coins that allow Kimiko and Tetsuya to summon Yokai for assistance




  • This is first fanseries that Maverick has done outside of Precure.
  • In an interview on the morning tv program Zone! with the director she said "I wanted to put Norse on snooze for a while to work on other projects" she also stated that she had an addiction to Yo-Kai Watch lately and can't get out her "system".
  • Her idea for the show was to have the two transform into the yo-kai they have and fight evil by night
  • it originally was going to have 4 members transform into the yo-kai but then that was scratched due to the fact that targeting this show to a younger audience would impact two other characters who would appear in the show later on
  • This is the only series that has 3 openings
  • When the creator did some research on Japanese social media and found out that older fans of Yokai Watch say that their favorite Yokai are Tsuchigumo and Ogama

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