Yokai Girl
('Yokai Shojo')
LicensorToei Animation
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunDecember 16, 2016
Opening SongFox Spirit
Ending SongSpirit Fire

Yokai Girl (妖怪少女 Yokai Girl) is a fan serie created by MikuHatsune145. It's a manga series later adaptated into an anime.


Mina Hiken is a priestess in her family's temple, she learns the ability to control her transformation and abilities. She is a Yokai, more precisely, a Kitsune. As the older one of her sisters, she has six tails and they all are under a hard training to get their nine tails and control their powers. In her school, Mina is serious student, is very athletic and has a lot of friends. Her bestfriend Fubuki Yukimura is herself a yokai (a yuki-onna), the two got along very fast. Mina also has a ton of yokai friends, but one of them is the one which stands out the most: Koji Igarashi a Raiju. He served Raijin for years despite not being a thousand years old, but the god released him in order for him to have a peaceful life due to all the things he did. Mina determined to get her nine tails, will train the hardest she can while trying to stay "normal" despite her hard life as an apprentice kitsune.


  • Color: Red
  • Element: Fire
  • Species: Kitsune
  • Special Ability: Kitsunebi ( キツネビ Kitsunebi lit. Fox Fire)
  • Weapon: Naginata
  • Battle Suit: Amaterasu

Mina is a cheerful, fizzy and outgoing person who's very friendly, her parents are both kitsunes (which is rare) and she works as a shrine maiden with her sisters. Due to her work as a shrine maiden, she has spirit talking abilities and is part of the Kitsuneki family (狐 (fox) and 気 (spirit) ) a powerful family of kitsunes. At her school she spends all of her time with Yukiko and Koji, Yukiko always teases her saying that she is in love with Koji and that the two are really cute together. She trains a lot with her parents to gain her tails and has difficulties mastering her powers, she and her little sister Natsume (the youngest of the four) shares a close bond and the two are very clumsy. Mina also shares the same bond with Koji, despite his cold manners and personality, she likes him and has a little crush on him (a fact which makes Fubuki teases her on this every time). She blushes everytime she's near him and he cares for her (but he doesn't show it). Her mediumship abilities (spirit talking) allows her to talk to ghosts and even help them to go trough the afterlife. With the help of her parents, she does her best to have her nine tails. Her Battle Suit Amaterasu allows her to use the full extent of her fire abilities and her Special Ability is boosted.

  • Color: Yellow
  • Element: Lightning
  • Species: Raiju
  • Special Ability: Thunderstorm ( 雷雨 Raiu)
  • Weapon: Bow and Arrow
  • Battle Suit: Raijin

Koji is a raiju, a beast who served for the God Raijin, he shapeshifts himself into a wolf, he has a cold personality and always distances himself from the others (Fubuki describes him as a shady person). Due to the fact that under Raijin's service he killed numerous people with his thunder, leaving him with the weight on his shoulder of being a murderer. Because of this, he is very cold and bitter and is described as a lone wolf. He is kind and protective in reality and was always smiling before. When he met Mina and her friends, he distanced himself but after he spent some time with Mina, he started smiling again and started feeling emotions again. He also started having some feelings towards her and became protective over her, he's determined to protect the ones he loves. His battle suit Raijin allows him to create thunderstorms more powerful than his Special Ability and harness the power of lightning.

  • Color: Blue
  • Element: Ice
  • Species: Yuki-Onna
  • Special Ability: Tempest (嵐 Arashi)
  • Weapon: Tessen
  • Battle Suit: Kura-Okami

Fubuki is Mina's best friend. They know each other since childhood and Mina's mother described them as "a funny duo of fire and ice" as both are opposites. Despite this, they share many similarities and common points and are always with each other. Fubuki can be flirtatious and cheerful, and likes teasing boys, because Yuki-Onnas are known for their beauty, she often uses it as a "weapon" or "trick". The only guy she didn't used her "weapon" on is Koji, because she finds him too shady and has a "dark and gloomy aura" that she finds scary. Fubuki's powers are dangerous and when she activates her special ability, she freezes literally everything on her path, from objects to an entire room. She uses a war fan to create blizzards and melee weapon. Fubuki is a kind person always caring about her friends and is determined to eliminate any enemy on her path. Her Battle Suit Kura-Okami allows her to use her powers in a more dangerous way than usual and her Special Ability is boosted.

  • Color: Green
  • Element: Water
  • Species: Mizuchi
  • Special Ability: Tsunami (津波 Tsunami)
  • Weapon: Trident
  • Battle Suit: Suijin

Hisashi is in the same school than Mina, Koji and Fubuki, he's a freshman and he is a playful guy who likes making all the girls fall for him. Fubuki finds him very handsome and athletic. He's good at sports and is very smart. He knows that Mina, Koji and Fubuki are Yokais but didn't revealed his yokai nature to them until he saved them from a dangerous enemy. He's a water dragon whose Special Ability is to create a tsunami powerful enough to swipe demons away. Hisashi befriended Koji who was wary of him at first, Koji noticed that he swims faster than anyone else and has enhanced strength. Both guys became good friends in the end and girls in school called them the "Ikemen Duo" (even Fubuki). His Battle Suit allows him to use water in its three states and enhances his Special Ability.


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