Yasmin Leon is the main character in the 4K!ds dub Yasmin the Hero!.

Yasmin Leon
"I'm the hero!"
Japanese Name Yuki Yuna
Appears in Yasmin The Hero!
Age 16
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Color Red (Normal), Pink (Transformed)
Eye Color Red (Normal), Pink (Transformed)
Personal Status
Occupation Student, Hero Club Member, Heroine
VA (English) Xanthe Huynh
VA (Japanese) Haruka Terui

Appearance Edit

Civilian Edit

Yasmin has red hair, with half of it tied up in a messy bun. She has a clip on the other side, and most commonly wears her school uniform. Her eyes are red.

Hero Edit

She gets pink hair, with a huge flower clip and ribbons holding it together. Her small wing clip turns into a large pink wing.

She wears a pink battle suit, with a red bow and black leg suspenders. Her Floral Symbol is on her left fist-glove.

Personality Edit

Yasmin is your best girl! Sweet, bubbly, and kind to everyone, you'd want her as your BFF! But take note that her least favorite thing is rave music.

Yasmin also loves to eat! Her favorite place to get some grub is the Green Onion Chinese Restaurant, owned by the nice Mr. and Mrs. Onie. But sadly, Yasmin has been in a gruff ever since she lost her ability to taste anything, thanks to transforming into her TOTALLY AWESOME super-power form, the Bloom-Bot Pink! The only way Yasmin can get her taste buddies back is to defeat the evil Poluttie once and for all!

Changes and Edits Edit

Gallery Edit

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