Not to be confused with Yoshino, her original Japanese counterpart.

Yoshino pv
Appears in Date A Live
Age ???
Gender Female
Race Super Being
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Personal Status
VA (English) Rebecca Honig
VA (Japanese) Iori Nomizu (Compilation Movie)
Yarona is one of the Super Beings arrived on Earth after Tamara. She is a Super Being wearing a large green raincoat with a rabbit-ear hood holding a rabbit puppet in her left hand. Her preferred form of clothing appears to be sundresses along with boots that match her raincoat. After her spirit power was sealed, she tends to keep using her light-blue sundress, with addition of a hat while walking outdoors.


The second Super Being ascended to Earth. A Shy and pweacful girl, who never harms any person. However, she had a puppt to do the talking since she was embarrased to talk. She also had ice-making powers and she was able to summon a Giant Rabbit, but only for her defenses & escapes.


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Voice ActressEdit

  • English: Rebecca Honig
  • Japanese (Compilation Movie Only): Iori Nomizu

Differences between her character in the original TV series/TriviaEdit

  • Her puppet, Yoshinon, is unnamed in the entire series. However in the 6th Episode, her puppet is referred as "Yarona's puppet"A New Girl in Town


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