Wolf Girl
('Urufu Gyaru')
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunFebruary 1, 2016
Opening SongLife in the woods
Ending SongWolfie


Jannali Taylor was a happy living girl before her parents vanished, her parents were taken away by a mysterious force. Her house was destroyed and she had no choice to vanish, she lost herself in the woods and was taken by wolves. Due to her power of animal empathy, the wolves knew that she is good and that she has problems. She was raised by wolves and weirdly, she grew powers like: Animal Morphing (into a wolf), Thiriokinesis,Animal Scrying, Mind Link (with animals) and Animal Telepathy. She was later adopted by the Taylor Family a rich family who registered her at the Gold Coast High. She met a girl who becamed her best friend: Kaiya Morton. She is wanted by Tomson White, a scientist who wants to know more about her powers, he was the one who organized her parents' kidnapping. Kaiya displayed powers of : Astral Projection, Premonition,Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Psychometry, Retrocognition and Telekinesis. With other people who possesses all kinds of powers, they are in search of the villains who could take the Earth down.


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Taylor Family HouseEdit

Jannali's home, she lives with her adoptive little brother and sister, her adoptive parents know that she want to retrieve her real parents. Wolfstein also lives here wich is taked care of by Jannali.

Gold Coast HighEdit

The school of the girls, it is located near the gold coast hence it name, it is extremely strict and children of good families goes there.

Nature's ChildsEdit

The heroines' basement, its on the forest were Jannali lived during her life in the woods, its hidden by lots of trees. This were they make up plans to stop Doll from her evil deeds.


  • Jannali possesses powers related to animals and mainly wolves but she isn't a werewolf. Altough she is believed to be part wolf and human.
  • Doll in fact is mentaly ill, she believes men are the personification of Evil, so she want them under her control to trap them into her forever hallucinations.
    • For unknown reason someone or something her mental illness vanished when she was knocked in the head by Jannali and Kaiya at the same time.
  • Kaiya once astral projected when she still awake when her astral self was somewere else.
  • Moree's family symbol is a rose with thunderbolts.
  • Kareela holds a book were she writes all the informations about the monsters she met.

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