Wedding Cherry (ウェディング チェリー U~edingu Cherii) is an anime sequel to the series Wedding Peach. It's genres is magical girl, romance, comedy and drama. The theme are bridal finery, flowers, hearts and angel wings.

Wedding Cherry
(U~edingu Cherii)
StudioKSS, OLM and NAS
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunApril 5, 2014 - March 27, 2014
Episodes52 episodes
Opening SongHeart Pounding Love

(1 - 52)

Ending SongWedding Power

(1 - 52)




Love Angels

Chieko Aino (愛野 千恵子 Aino Chieko)/ Wedding Cherry (ウェディング チェリー U~edingu Cherii) is a kind, cheerful sixteen year old girl who loves to draw. She lives at Momoko Hanasaki's house after her parents were killed in a train accident and is best friends with Sakura Hanasaki. She dreams of being an artist or a children book illutrater and enjoys reading romantic and adventure books. She has long pale pink hair and wears a yellow headband. She has the power of love as Wedding Cherry, is the leader of the team and her theme colour is pink.

Sakura Hanasaki (花咲 桜 Hanasaki Sakura)/ Angel Tulip (エンジェル チューリップ Enjeru Chuurippu) is a sweet and lovable sixteen year old girl who is Chieko's best friend and is like a sister to her. She always helps people when they are in need and was always by Chieko's side when her parents had died. Sakura loves her parents so much and dreams of being a photographer when she is twenty-one years old. She has shoulder length magenta hair held up in a ponytail. She has the power of fire snd her theme colour is red.

Lily Yanagiba (和也 リリ Yanagiba Riri)/ Angel Saffron (エンジェル サフラン Enjeru Safuran) is the daughter of Yuri Tanima (or now Yuri Yanagiba), and is very sporty. She is best friends with Chieko and Sakura and lives with her parents and older brother.

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