Wataru Kudo is a detective boy fourteen-year-old at St. Joseph Private School. His physical strength and motor skills are lacking.

He's is the son of Detective Toichi Kudo. Because his father has been unable to catch Angelic Prism, Sakura mom and doesn't place any emergency on this thief's capture, Wataru takes to task. He plans to one-up his father by catching Kaitou Rose.

After his getting close enough to photograph Kaitou Rose, Wataru is awarded a badge from the mayor, which allows him to go anywhere to investigate. With this, he is able to assist the police in s capture. Wataru is given notice beforehand of Kaitou Rose's crimes, at his own request. As she slips away from him caper after caper.

Very dense about relationships. He often argues with Sakura Yamada (whom he calls Yamada), over Kaitou Rose and his inability to catch her.

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