Warrior Tenjin K!
ウォリアー天神 K!
U~oriā Tenjin K!
General Information
Created onSeptember 8, 2014
Opening SongTengoku no Sun ♪
Ending SongKoganegawa
Series Info
GenreMagical Girl (Mahō Shōjo)
PredecessorWarrior Tenjin!

Warrior Tenjin K! (ウォリアー天神 K! U~oriā Tenjin K!?) is the second season of the Magical Girl Anime Warrior Tenjin!. The Kam Warriors have team up with other three warriors.



Kami WarriorsEdit

  • Tenjin Karen (天神 かれん Tenjin Karen?)
    Voiced by: Kotobuki Minako
    The main character, who has a great love for flowers and the nature. Karen is a sweet but very shy person with almost no good friends. She lives with her parents, her older brother and their grandmother. Karen is destined to be the great warrior of the sun; Amaterasu Tenjin (アマテラス天神 Amaterasu Tenjin?).
The light of the Sun! I'm the Kami Warrior of Sunlight, Amaterasu Tenjin!
  • Koina Megumi (恋な めぐみ Koina Megumi?)
    Koina Megumi is one of the most popular girls in town. She is liked by almost everyone and everyone wants to be her friend. Besides of that, Megumi feels very lonely sometimes. She doesn't want many "maybe-friends" but one real friend. Megumi is the reborn warrior of love; Aphrodite Tenjin (アフロディーテ天神 Afurodīte Tenjin?).
The light of Love! I'm the Kami Warrior of Starlight, Aphrodite Tenjin!
  • Tsukikage Yoru (月影 よる Tsukikage Yoru?)
    Tsukikage Yoru is a young, talented girl, who loves to play the violin or piano. She is very calm but also friendly. She has some good friends and has one younger sister. Yoru loves to watch the stars in the night. Yoru is the reborn warrior of the moon; Artemis Tenjin (アルテミス天神 Arutemisu Tenjin?).
The light of the moon! I'm the Kami Warrior of Moonlight, Artemis Tenjin!

Megami SpiritsEdit

  • Tenshi Kokoro (天使 こころ Tenshi Kokoro?)
    Kokoro is a gentle and kind young girl. Kokoro has a great sense for fanshion and likes to show that to everyone. She dreams to be a fashion designer, so she designes most of the things she wears. Kokoro is the powerful angel of the morning; Aurora Tenjin (オーロラ天神 Ōrora Tenjin?).
  • Hakumei Rina (薄明 りな Hakumei Rina?)
    Rina is Kokoro's cousine, whose family just moved to another country, so Rina stays at Kokoro's home. Towards other people, Rina acts very cold. But she is actually a really cute girl. She is the power ful angel of twilight; Athena Tenjin (アテナ天神 Atena Tenjin?).


Angels are magical helper of the Warriors. They are invisble to normal people and bring future Tenjins closer to their destiny.

  • Himawari (ヒマワリ Himawari?)
    Himawari is the angel that finds Karen, Megumi and Yoru. Her name means sunflower.
  • Kaede (カエデ Kaede?)
    Kaede is the angel, that guides Kokoro, Rina and Selene. Her name means maple.


  • The "K" in the titel is a reference to the one of the new characters; Tenshi Kokoro.

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