Warrior Tenjin!
U~oriā Tenjin!
General Information
Created onAugust 17, 2014‎
Episodes20 Episodes
Opening SongMahō no Runa
Ending SongHoshizora
Series Info
GenreMagical Girl (Mahō Shōjo)
SuccessorWarrior Tenjin K!

Warrior Tenjin (ウォリアー天神! U~oriā Tenjin!?, loosely translated as Warrior heavenly God) is a, by FairySina in 2012 created, magical girl fan anime. The original idea was about six girls becoming divine guards. Now, the story is about a girl named Tenjin Karen, whose life becomes magically complicated.


The Shirakami Palace, located in the Sky Ocean, is the home of the Angels, a little unit of fairies, who protect the Palace from Anun, the Dark Cloud, who tries to defeat Sky Ocean. The Angels keep the secret about a Warrior Unit of Sky Ocean, who are called Kami Warrior or Warrior Tenjin. The unit consists of three beautiful warroirs who will fight against Anun. But in a fight between the troops of Anun, their leader was defeated and her soul moved into a new body. To find her lost friend, the remaining decided to be reborn in two humans like their leader.

Tenjin Karen is a young girl, who loves flowers and the nature. She is a sweet but very shy person with almost no good friends. One day, she finds a little creature called Himawari on her way home from school. The same day, she notices some flowers to be withered, by Anun's power. Is Karen ready to be the new Kami Warrior?


Kami WarriorsEdit

  • Tenjin Karen (天神 かれん Tenjin Karen?)
    Voiced by: Kotobuki Minako
    The main character, who has a great love for flowers and the nature. Karen is a sweet but very shy person with almost no good friends. She lives with her parents, her older brother and their grandmother. Karen is destined to be the great warrior of the sun; Amaterasu Tenjin (アマテラス天神 Amaterasu Tenjin?).
The light of the Sun! I'm the Kami Warrior of Sunlight, Amaterasu Tenjin!
  • Koina Megumi (恋な めぐみ Koina Megumi?)
    Koina Megumi is one of the most popular girls in town. She is liked by almost everyone and everyone wants to be her friend. Besides of that, Megumi feels very lonely sometimes. She doesn't want many "maybe-friends" but one real friend. Megumi is the reborn warrior of love; Aphrodite Tenjin (アフロディーテ天神 Afurodīte Tenjin?).
The light of Love! I'm the Kami Warrior of Starlight, Aphrodite Tenjin!
  • Tsukikage Yoru (月影 よる Tsukikage Yoru?)
    Tsukikage Yoru is a young, talented girl, who loves to play the violin or piano. She is very calm but also friendly. She has some good friends and has one younger sister. Yoru loves to watch the stars in the night. Yoru is the reborn warrior of the moon; Artemis Tenjin (アルテミス天神 Arutemisu Tenjin?).
The light of the moon! I'm the Kami Warrior of Moonlight, Artemis Tenjin!


Angels are magical helper of the Warriors. They are invisble to normal people and bring future Tenjins closer to their destiny.

  • Himawari (ヒマワリ Himawari?)
    Himawari is the angel that finds Karen, Megumi and Yoru. Her name means sunflower.


  • Vulkan (バルカン Barukan?)
    A warrior of darkness from Anun.
  • Vesta (ベスタ Besuta?)
  • Nike (ニケ Nike?)
  • Kurokumo (クロクモ Kurokumo?)
    The leader of Anun. He is often refered as King Kurokumo.
  • Bachiatari (バチアタリ Bachiatari?)
    Bachiatari is the power called, that infects things and people with evil.

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Tenjin Yuuma (天神 ゆうま Tenjin Yūma?)
    Yuuma is Karen's mother.
  • Tenjin Takeshi (天神 たけし Tenjin Takeshi?)
    Takeshi is Karen's father.
  • Tenjin Ichirou (天神 いちろう Tenjin Ichirō?)
    Ichirou is Karen's older brother.
  • Tenjin Haruna (天神 はるな Tenjin Haruna?)
    Haruna is Karen's grandmother.
  • Koina Aimi (恋な あいみ Koina Aimi?)
    Aimi is Megumi's mother.
  • Koina Arata (恋な あらた Koina Arata?)
    Arata is Megumi's father.
  • Tsukikage Emi (月影 えみ Tsukikage Emi?)
    Emi is Yoru's mother.
  • Tsukikage Hayato (月影 はやと Tsukikage Hayato?)
    Hayato is Yoru's father.
  • Tsukikage Mizuki (月影 みずき Tsukikage Mizuki?)
    Mizuki is Yoru's younger sister.
  • Isshoku Lily (一色 リリー Isshoku Rirī?)
    Lily is one of Karen's class mates, whose right eye is blind.

Main LocationsEdit

  • Sky Ocean (空海原 Sora Unabara?) is the place where the Shirakami Palace (白神宮殿 Shirakami Kyūden?) is located. It is the home of all Tenjin warriors and their powers.
  • Yozora (夜空 Yozora?) is the main location of the series and the current home of the main Characters.
  • Yozora Middle School (夜空中学校 Yozora chūgakkō?) is the school, Karen attends.
  • Yukizora Academy (雪空学園 Yukizora Gakuen?) is the school, Megumi attends.
  • Haresora Private Junior High School (晴空私立中学校 Haresora shiritsu chūgakkō?) is the school, Yoru attends to.
  • Anun (暗雲 An'un?) is a Kingdom ruled by darkness, trying to defeat the Tenhin Warriors and Sky Ocean.

Bonus LocationsEdit


  • Miraculous Diamond (奇跡金剛石 Kiseki Kongōseki?) is a little brooch that gives the warriors the power to change in their magical forms. Every Diamond and brooch looks different.
  • Sunlight Spear (日光槍 Nikkō Yari?) is Amaterasu Tenjin's weapon.
  • Starlight Rod (星光棹 Seikō Sao?) is Aphrodite Tenjin's weapon.
  • Moonlight Sword (月光剣 Gakkō Ken?) is Artemis Tenjin's weapon.

Episode ListEdit


Warrior Tenjin gets two movies. One in the middle of the season and one after the season ended.


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