Bōkaru ❤ hātsu
General Information
DirectorChinatsu Kiseki
Series Info
Opening SongStardust☆Promise
Ending SongKira☆Heart☆Shining


Vocal❤Hearts (ボーカル❤ハーツ?) is a new idol genre anime created by Chinatsu Kiseki.

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Lyria StarlightEdit

Main article: Suzumiya Hibiki

Suzumiya Hibiki (涼宮ひびき?) is the main protagonist of the series. Outgoing and brimming with confidence, Hibiki is extremely passionate about singing and dancing, even wanting to share it with the world. However, after she gets turned down by a manager who tells Hibiki that she is terrible at singing and dancing, she gets even more determined and starts to release videos of the latter on the internet. After recieving amazing feedback on her videos, she decides to hold a concert in which attracts the attention of the famous Fuchigami Rin. Her idol alter ego is Echo Star (エコースター?) and her color is icy blue.

Main article: Fuchigami Rin

Fuchigami Rin (渕上凛?) is a very famous idol who recruits Hibiki to go overseas with her to perform. She is extremely kind and generous, giving money to the poorest of people and often holds charity concerts. However, she can also be quite guliable and often panics at the smallest of things, like a fly. Her idol alter ego is Rhapsody Rose (ラプソディローズ?) and her color is pink.

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  • Suzumiya Hitomi - Hibiki's mother. She is very proud of Hibiki going overseas with Rin; however, as Hibiki is quite clumsy, Hitomi often worries about her daughter.

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