Vividviolet Operation
Bibiddobaioretto operēshon
General Information
DirectorChinatsu Kiseki
Series Info
Episodes12 episodes
Opening SongFuture Dream by Amamiya Sora
Ending SongHoshizora by Amamiya Sora

SuccessorVividviolet Operation ~Shining~
Vividviolet Operation (ビビッドバイオレット・オペレーション?) is a Vividred Operation Spin-Off Series created by Chinatsu Kiseki.

Plot Edit

Characters Edit

Vivid System Users Edit

Hoshimi Sumire (星美すみれ?)
Voiced by: Amamiya Sora
The main protagonist of the series and the user of the Purple Palette Suit, Sumire is a quiet and extremely sensitive girl who holds a great bravery to protect others which lies deep within her heart.
She is also very hesitant when in tough situations. Her attack item is the Naked Harp (ネイキッドハープ?).

Isshiki Momo (一色 もも?)
Voiced by: Ōgame Asuka
Sumire's classmate and the
user of the Pink Palette Suit, Momo is an incredibly responsible 14-year old girl who usually helps around her house. Her attack item is the Naked Staff (ネイキッドスタッフ?). Upon docking with Sumire, she can transform into Vivid Pink (ビビッドピンク?).

Oakira Kagami (大らか鏡)

An incredibly intelligent yet quiet and stoic classmate of Sumire and Momo, and user of the Orange Pallette Suit. Kagami is a black belt in both Karate and Taekwando, and has trouble expressing her emotions. Her attack item is the Naked Bullet (ネイキッドブレット). Upon docking with Sumire, she can transform into Vivid Orange (ビビッドオレンジ).

Shirayuki Yuri (白雪ゆり)

An artistic yet extremely pessimistic girl in the class across from Sumire, Momo and Kagami. She is the user of the White Palette Suit.

Veteran Vivid System Users Edit

Isshiki Akane (一色 あかね?)
Voiced by: Sakura Ayane
Momo's older sister and the user of the Red Palette Suit, Akane is a positive and upbeat 16 year old girl who is often described as innocent.
Her weapon is the Naked Rang (ネイキッドラング?).

Futaba Aoi (二葉あおい?)
Akane's best friend and user of the Blue Palette Suit, Aoi is the daughter of a rich couple and is rather soft spoken. Her weapon is the Naked Impact (ネイキッドインパクト?).

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