Vividred Adventures
TV Series information
Producers Bruce R. Foster
Episodes Unknown
Airdate 2014
Languages English
Picture format 16:9
Studio A-1 Pictures
Distributor 4Kids Entertainment
Original Channel 4Kids 4Ever

Cartoon Network

Original Run Unknown

Vividred Adventures is an upcoming dubbed Anime by 4Kids Entertainment. As written at the title, it was assumed that the dub will be adapted from the Anime Vividred Operation.


4Kids had bought the rights of dubbing Vividred Operation since 2013. Despite the production being leaked, it is unknown if any current development of the show is shown.

It was revealed that the project was ultimately shelved.


It was confirmed that Amanda Brown & Rachel Lillis will be voicing Rosy & Carola. Another news is that Bella Hudson, who voiced Hilda Adams from Magical Molly, will be voicing Raven.


File:C20130531 vivid 002 cs1w1 1280x814.jpg
Known leaked character names are revealed during the registration.


  • Some of the character's names are mostly based on colors. (Italic lines is different languages.)
    • Rosy - Rose (Red color)
    • Carola - Caerula (Blue Sea in Latin)
  • Raven's name is a nod to Rei's name.
  • So far they used the main 5 characters' design pics uncensored, but in the actual dub, they will extend the length of the short pants, of course.

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