Vampire Chronicles
('Vanpaia Kuronikurzu')
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunJune 30, 2016
Opening SongNight Bites
Ending SongRed

Vampire Chronicles is a fan serie created by MikuHatsune145. Its themes are vampires, magic and friendship.


Amaya Kobayashi is or was a geeky girl: she always loved (and still love) stories about vampires, werewolves, elves etc....she wears uniform like clothes and glasses. She's bullied by the rich girl of the school and she doesn't have a lot of friends because of the fact that she's the president of the Club for Gamers where students spends hours gaming. Amaya loves reading books (sci-fi and fantasy books), sci-fi films and loves dressing like her favorite characters. She was normal until she lost herself in the forest and saw a weird boy wandering in the forest, she tried to escape but that boy catched her fastly and bit her. The next morning, she found out that she was transformed into a vampire! Following her vampire transformation, she now doesn't have to wear her glasses and to have a teeth appliance anymore and she changed a lot: she went to "geeky girl" from "vampire fashionista", she started to wear more sassy and seductive clothes, make-up and her attitude also changed. Her personality also went from shy, reserved and geeky to seductive, sassy and rebellious. Meeting her new vampire friends, she will learn what to do or not as a vampire, how to control her urge for human blood. She will also learn how to control her emotions when she's in the presence of Aaron Spencer, an english transfered student and also the vampire who bit her...


  • Color: Night Blue

Amaya was the school's geeky girl, fan of every vampire and werewolf story (except Twilight), fan of sci-fi games and even of a space princess vampire, dressing like her fave characters and uniform like clothes. Until she was bitten: she now wears cool and sassy clothes and has a sassy and rebellious attitude, has now a midnight blue streak in her hair and wears stylish sunglasses. She is not even more bullied by Fumiko, the snobby popular rich girl of the school, now that Amaya is more popular, Fumiko is jealous of her and jealous of the fact that Aaron seems to be interested in her. Amaya who have drunk human blood in order to not let her mortal body die, is now a full-fledged vampire, she hunts monstrous bloodsuckers who feeds on humans and harms other vampires. With her scythe, the Midnight Rose, she defends herself against these kinds of vampires. Even if she knows that Aaron was the one who bit her, she actually is thankful for having been bitten because she's not a geek anymore. She is now with Aaron and is happy to be with him and happy to finally have friends.

  • Color: Yellow

Aaron is an english transfered student, but unbeknownst to everyone, he's a vampire who has been living since the Victorian era of the Old England. He was the one who bit Amaya and felt guilty about it, he has feelings for her and that's why he defends her when Fumiko mocks her. He's very kind and is always seen with a smile, he's the point guars of the school's basketball team. Aaron sticks to the vampire traditions but dresses in a modern casual way, unlike his parents who dresses in a more old traditional way. His parents doesn't like the fact that he is in love with a human he himself turned into a vampire, his parents wants him to marry a real vampire mostly Isabella, a girl he knows since his childhood but he doesn't care about her. Isabella is upset of the fact that he doesn't love her and is jealous of Amaya, Aaron knows that Isabella can be dangerous and she even rivaled Amaya in a duel but Amaya has proven to be far more powerful than she seems. He uses a magic infused gun as his weapon, he hunts down bad vampires since the ancient times and is not afraid of anyone. He is now happy to be with Amaya and will do anything to protect her.

  • Color: Red/Orange

Maiko is a vampire living since more than a hundred years, she is a carefree and easy-going person, she is so carefree that she sometimes goes outside when the sun is shining. She met Amaya while she was searching for food, they formed a friendly bond very fast and Maiko thinks that Amaya is a very stylish vampire. She has the power to low or heat the temperature, she fights using a crossbow and usually heat the arrows to make fire arrows. Maiko loves fashion and loves customizing her clothes, she dreams of being a fashion designer and she often asks Amaya, Minami and Etsuko to be their models. She's not afraid of any bad vampires and uses her faithful crossbow, along with Minami, Etsuko and Cleo she was the "leader of the group but the girls considered her to be too controlling. She was jealous of Amaya but noticed that despite her sassy attitude, she looks more kind and sweet than she seems to be. Maiko is very friendly, she can be fierce when fighting but she is warm-hearted and is always ready to help.

  • Color: Turquoise

Minami is also a carefree vampire, she loves cats and always wears her cat ears bonnet with a blood stone to protect her from the sun. She is very kind but is a true daredevil, she is not afraid of anything even of vampires trying to attack her. Her main weapon is a spear with a magical orb who can do water magic, she trains every day with Maiko, Etsuko and Cleo. Minami is passioned by cats obviously but also by swimming, she always has an affinity with water. Even if she doesn't uses her vampiric speed to swim, she swims very fast and won a lot of competitions. She has her own rack with a lot of gold medals, trophies and qualifications from swimming competitions. Minami is very friendly and becamed friends with Amaya rapidly, she is always smiling and loves hanging out with friends. But she's nicknamed troublemaker"' by everyone because her daredevil personality gets her in troubles sometimes.



The main place where the stories take on, it is Amaya's hometown, there is a lot of vampires in the town and this also where the Vampire Council decided to construct their headquarter.


  • Amaya is a bit similar to Erica from My Babysitter is a Vampire:
    • They were both nerds and loved vampires shows (in Erica's case Dusk) before being bitten.
    • Their personality (and also clothing styles) changed after being bitten.
    • They also both didn't needed their glasses anymore.
    • They were both attracted to a vampire when they were humans (except that Amaya is still attracted to Aaron).

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