This message is written by the anonymous person (Name written at the title) from Walpurgis Chan himself:

"As someone who's actually really fascinated by this sort of thing, I feel the need to correct everyone on everything. I hate all these misconceptions about 4Kids.

- Puns: Yes, puns everywhere. This is a perfectly applicable point.

- Names: I don't know why people keep doing the simple name things, but 4Kids rarely used a naming format that actually kept the same first letters as the real names (when they don't keep them). Ichigo Momomiya? Zoey Hanson. Satoshi? Ash. The closest 4Kids got to that sort of thing was in Ojamajo Doremi, Yu-Gi-Oh, and to a lesser extent Shaman King (they kept a surprising amount of names there).

- Censorship: The policies of 4Kids was not really to make anime kid-friendly (though they did in plenty of cases), it was to make it "easy for children to understand". So I can see them keeping the same sort of themes as the real show, just dumbing them down. In the real dub, Sayaka and Kyouko got a bit dangerously close to veering off the hope/despair thing with their whole good/evil talks, and I can see that happening in full in a 4Kids dub. They won't have to rip all the subtlety out, just surgically remove most of it. Grey and grey to far more black and white.- More on censorship: Guns would definitely become laser guns, blood would be removed, and maybe they'd change the color of explosions to make them less real. References to alcohol would be stripped, and the color changed to make water or apple juice, but not mentioned by name. Madoka's "I can't wait to drink with you" would just become "I still can't wait to grow up". The pimps' dialogue would be changed to be a lot less harsh, but still obviously painting them as Bad People. Death wouldn't change to a "Shadow Realm" deal; it'd probably become "disappear". Witches and magical girls would still have their connection, or they'd become something like a manifestation of pain and anger and not an actual corrupted soul. Think the Diablos Cards from Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou. Religious references would be edited out, and I'm not sure what Kyouko's father would become. Maybe just a random pariah due to a witch's kiss?

- Music: The ultimate clash to Kajiura's music. I actually seriously want to hear someone seriously attempt it. Mew Mew Power's OP was part of my childhood. Say what you want, but 4Kids made deliciously 90s pop music.

- Random tidbits: 4Kids usually aged characters up; Pudding changed from an eight-year-old to a fourteen-year-old. I'm trying to debate as to whether Kyousuke would already be Sayaka's boyfriend or she'd be all gushy about him. I do agree that Kyouko would have some form of irritating accent.

Remember, 4Kids is the company that turned Mint from Tokyo Mew Mew, a potentially bi but still budding young woman, into Corina who has a full-blown crush on Zakuro/Renee.

There. I've been bottling this sort of rant for a loooong time."

Since he was trying to correct this, but it's already finalized. Sorry Buzz.

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