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    Latest Update:

    Added caption box on these selected templates:

    • Template: Episode Information
    • Template: Character Infobox ver.2
    • Template:TV Series
    • Template: Movies (YET TO BE ADDED)

    Feel free to add some captions, normal, humorous or whatever. However we do not accept bad words UNLESS IT'S CENSORED.

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    This message is written by the anonymous person (Name written at the title) from Walpurgis Chan himself:

    "As someone who's actually really fascinated by this sort of thing, I feel the need to correct everyone on everything. I hate all these misconceptions about 4Kids.

    - Puns: Yes, puns everywhere. This is a perfectly applicable point.

    - Names: I don't know why people keep doing the simple name things, but 4Kids rarely used a naming format that actually kept the same first letters as the real names (when they don't keep them). Ichigo Momomiya? Zoey Hanson. Satoshi? Ash. The closest 4Kids got to that sort of thing was in Ojamajo Doremi, Yu-Gi-Oh, and to a lesser extent Shaman King (they kept a surprising amount of names there).

    - Censorship: Theā€¦

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    Any suggestions??? Feel free to answer!

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    Fans realize that uncut versions of any Anime is sold well in stores. However: if one was licensed by 4Kids, and boom. Anime is ultimately ruined forever.

    • Princess of the Magical World.
    • Origami Tobichii as Akemi Homura.
    • No Magical girl Raps.
      • Alternate Universe reboot comic series.
      • Adding Rei from Vividred as a new character.

    • A British Accented Spirit.
      • Same goes as the other character.
    • A Spirit can banish people into Shadow Realms.
    • "What in the name of Issac???"
    • Colors being painted in skins.
    • Tobichii Origami-negger.
    • Two Compilation films similar to the Madoka Magica Movies.

    • An OFFICIAL reboot of Magical Molly! by Magica Quartlet itself.
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    Some idiot

    August 12, 2013 by FigureGunplaFan

    OK some wikia contributor is trying to mess our posts by clearing them. I wonder who he/she is.

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