I wanna make some new fan adaptations of boh popular, well known, or little known anime and manga series.  I have some ideas but I wanna hear what all my friends on this wiki have to say, so I am taking suggestions and ideas to come with a new fan adaptation.  And you must also choose a genre from my list that you want me to use to make the fan adaptation in the show or book that you want me to use.  You can choose up to 5 genres per a series.

I will also accept TV shows from around the world as long as they are beautifully animated and not just plain goofy all the time and also as long as they have a good storyline and/or great characters,

I will not make evey series into a fan adaptation because it may be hard for me to come up with an idea or it is far too dark and edgy for me to come up with an idea.

Other Genres I will use:

  • Fantasy
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Action - Adventure
  • Comedy 
  • Drama
  • Comedy-Drama
  • Romance
  • Romantic-Comedy
  • Supernatural
  • Tragedy
  • Herem
  • Reverse Herem
  • School Story
  • Slice of Life
  • Historical

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