Ultra Aikatsu!
ウルトラ アイカツ!
(Urutora Aikatsu!)
DirectorCure Honey

Telecom Animation Film

NetworkTV Tokyo

BS Japan

Original RunOctober 6, 2015 - ongoing
Episodes50 Episodes
Ultra Aikatsu! (ウルトラ アイカツ! Urutora Aikatsu!) which is short for Ultra Idol Activities (ウルトラ アイドル カツドウ! Urutora Aidoru Katsudo!) is the first season in the Aikatsu series created by Cure Honey. It premieres on October 6, 2015 and the themes for the show are fashion and musical instruments.


Ultra Aikatsu! Episodes


Hatsune Ako (初音 あこ Hatsune Ako)
The main character of the series who is a freshman in Heart's Rhythm Academy. Ako is the daughter of the mayor of Hibike City and has two younger siblings. She performs the Symphonic Appeal on her first performance causing a lot of people to ask her how she did it. Ako's best friend Sanae had also enrolled into the academy. She has an outgoing personality and is very optimistic, always believing in the future. Besides being outgoing and having a huge love for sweets, Ako is always seen working hard for her dream of becoming an idol and becoming the top idol. Ako's favourite brand is Angely Sugar, and her aura is composed of various coloured hearts and gold crowns. Her instrument is a pink guitar and her theme colour is pink.

Miyazaki Isamu (宮崎 イサム Miyazaki Isamu)
She is the other main character of the series who started attending Heart's Rhythm Academy three months before Ako did. Isamu has always dreamt of being an idol and attended Lovely Academy for seven years before moving to Heart's Rhythm Academy. She lived in Katayoku Town and on her days off, Isamu visits her family and helps with running her family's cafe: Spicy Heart. She has a cool personality and can have a scary temper. She has a huge love for playing the guitar, piano, clarinet and singing and is always seen working hard to her dream with Ako. Isamu's favourite brand is Spicy Queen, and her aura is composed of various coloured spades and butterflies. Her instrument is the purple electric guitar and her theme colour is purple.

Midorino Karin (緑の カリン Midorino Karin)

Kudo Anzu (工藤 あんず Kudo Anzu)

Hikage Taura (日陰 タウラ Hikage Taura)

Hayashi Sanae (林 さなえ Hayashi Sanae)

Aino Uta (相野 うた Aino Uta)



  • Angely Sugar (エンジェリー シュガー Enjerī Shugā) -
  • Spicy Queen (スパイシー クイーン Supaishī Kuīn) -

Symphonic Appeal

Episode No Appeal appearance Appeal user(s) Appeal name Appeal Description Stage

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