Tsukikage Megumi
Kanji 月影めぐみ
Romaji Tsukikage Megumi
Species Human
Alter Ego Sailor Moonlight
Personal Information
Current Residence Kirari
Gender Female
Age 14
Birthdate July 15
Star Sign Cancer
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Theme Color Lilac (main)

Yellow (sub)

Height 5'3
Blood Type O
Powers Love


Anime Information
Series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moonlight
Debut Episode Act 1 - Megumi and Sailor Moonlight
Voiced by Kana Hanazawa
Tsukikage Megumi (月影めぐみ Tsukikage Megumi) is the main protagonist of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moonlight who transforms into the senshi of love and justice, Sailor Moonlight (セーラームーンライト Sērā Mūnraito).


Megumi is a fourteen year old girl who attends Kirari Middle School in her second year. She is known to shy and quiet at school and to not have a lot of friends.


Megumi is a shy and quiet girl when alone but when hanging around her friends, she is more hyper and happy. She is known to be wary around strangers and she isn't very good with her studies. She makes a lot of mistakes that gets her in trouble and she is very good at gymnastics, which she uses her gymnastics skills in battles to help her with winning. She can be scared easily and isn't into make up but loves clothes.




Sailor Moonlight

In the name of the moon, disappear!
Tsuki ni kawatte, kieru!

Sailor Moonlight (セーラームーンライト Sērā Mūnraito) is the Sailor Senshi identity that Megumi transforms into when battling Nemesis. Her standard signature colours are lilac and yellow and she is the Sailor Senshi of love and justice.

Transformation Sequence

Transformation Phrases and Items



Image Songs


  • Her introduction speech, The sailor suited pretty soldier of love and justice, Sailor Moonlight! (愛と正義のセーラー服美少女戦士、セーラームーンライト! Ai to seigi no sērā-fuku bishōjo senshi, Sērā Mūnraito!) is very similar to Sailor Moon's introduction speech due to representing the moon also.


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