"The Girl Who Sit On the Bench" is the first episode of Tsuki to Hoshi-tachi no Akaneiro no Ballad.

Tsuki to Hoshi-tachi no Akaneiro no Ballad episode 1 "The Girl Who Sit On the Bench and The Boy Who's Staring"
Japanese title "ベンチに座る少女と少女に見る少年"
Episode Information
Episode no. 1
Directed by Hikaruaizora
Writers Hikaruaizora
Airdate January 1st, 2020
Languages Japanese
Duration 23 minutes
Studio DEEN
Distributor Square Enix
Episode Navigation
Tsuki to Hoshi-tachi no Akaneiro no Ballad Episode 2


A young female assassin was sitting on a bench in a park. It was morning, and she was on the way to her house. In her hand, there is a cell phone. And she was looking at the cell phone. "Eh? There is no mail today" The woman says. "What a rare chance," she added. She was happy, and there is a smile on her face.

Then, she feels someone's gazes on her. The young woman tilts her head to see who was staring, and she saw a guy. That guy seems to be younger than her, and he wears his high school uniform. "What are you looking at?," the young woman says. She said it menacingly, and she hopes to scare away the said guy.

But, it seems that the boy did not scare of her. And he approaches her instead. "As I've thought. You are much better without carrying anything other than your bag," the guy said. The young woman was going to retort. But he was with a group of other students, and they wear the same uniform as the guy. Maybe, they studied in the same school?, the young woman thought. Then, one of the guys approach her. And he was asking who she is, in a way that is rude. "I'm not going to give you," the young woman said. She has the urge to kill the guy, but she saw that there are a lot of people in that place as well. Making her think that it is appropriate for her to save it for later. Although, she makes a mental note to deal with that guy later.

Then, the young woman stands up from the bench. "I should get going," the young woman said. And she left the park and goes straight to her school. Ignoring the guy's voices, who called her from behind.


The young woman goes straight to her classroom, as she arrives at her school. It is an Art School, and its name is Da Vinci Art College. The young woman is a student there, and she has just attended the school this spring.

The young woman walks in the school's corridor. And she was on her way to her classroom. Then, she bypass a group of girls. And she heard one of the girls speaking. "Hey. Do you hear that? AsterMan is in action, yesterday!," The girl said. She was speaking to her friends, who was also girls. "Oh, yeah. I has heard it. They caught that man, right? The man named Cat's Eye," Another girl answered. "Cool, right? Too bad they are younger than us," added the first girl. Then, it was followed by the squeal of the two girls. Much to the young woman's annoyance. "Really. They are just a bunch of guys who like to gang up together to go against other people. There are nothing to be liked about them," The young woman says. This make the young woman earn death glares. But, the young woman lose her interest in the said conversation. And she continue to walk.


The young woman open the class's door, upon reaching her classroom. And she walk into the room. But, she bumped into a cat along the way. Having bumped into the cat, the young woman heard a mewl and she pick her up. Then, she saw a small paper scroll, on the cat's neck. There is a photo inside, and there is a note alongside it. "To: Miss Akari Tsukigawa. This is our next client," the young woman, now known as Akari said. She said it almost in a whisper, and it can only be heard by her. "Understood!," she added. Then, she put the photo and the note in her bag. And she goes directly to her seat.

The young woman has just sitting on her seat, when someone tapped her shoulder. "Good morning, Akari!," A girl said. She cheerfully greet Akari. Causing the young woman to hurriedly put the photo inside her bag, and she tilts her head. To see who is it. "Oh? It's only you, Mami?," Akari said. She said it without any expression on her face.

This earns her a frown from the girl. "Hmp! What's up with that reaction of yours?!," the girl, now known as Mami, said. Feeling slightly annoyed. "Nothing," Akari said. Then, she look at the girl again. "By the way, what are you doing here? Isn't your class in the next room?," she added. In which Mami answered that it's too early for her to be there right now. Because no one has come yet.

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