Tsuki to Hoshi-tachi no Akaneiro no Ballad (月と星たちの茜色のバラッド; Crimson Ballad of the Moon and Stars) is a made-up anime, directed by Hikaruaizora. A manga and game version will be made, and it will be serialized in the shoujo manga magazine Monthly Asuka and realised by the otome game publisher Otomate.


Akari Tsukigawa
Ryuusei Hoshizuka
Mamiko Asagiri
Kurehiko Sakura
Takeru Kinou
Midori Evergrande
Ranka Momoki
Gin Evergrande
Hatsuharu Kuroki
Yuika Asagiri

Manga/Game Exclusive CharactersEdit

Shuji Tsukigawa
Rayne Heartkreuz



Episode 01

This story is basically about a young assasin named Akari Tsukigawa and a young Superhero named Ryuusei Hoshizuka.


The story revolves around the anime's storyline. Takes place in the alternate universe of Tsuki to Hoshi-tachi no Akaneiro no Ballad, the players are on the shoes of a new character named Shuji Tsukigawa.

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