Tsuchihara Kimiko
土原 きみこ Tsuchihara Kimiko
SeasonYokai Watch Crusaders
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorBrown
Home PlaceKihago City
RelativesMother (deceased) Father (deceased)
First AppearanceYWC01
Alter EgoTsuchigumo
Theme ColorRed
Japanese Voice ActorYu Shimamura
English Voice ActorChristina Vee

Tsuchihara Kimiko (土原 きみこ) is the main female character of Yokai Watch Crusaders. She is a cheerful and upbeat girl when she's around friends. But she wants to take revenge on the Kaima who killed her parents when she was a child. Her alter ego is Tsuchigumo (土蜘蛛) the Ganso Taicho. But however she can be quirky at times.


When Kimiko was a little girl, her friends back in elementary school teased her saying that Yo-Kai don't exist and she's often a victim of cruel play dates. which forced her wanting to commit suicide but then she across a Yo-Kai named Koenra she made her smile and not listen to all the evil that the classmates at school give her. Her parents were surprised to see her do that.

The Death of her ParentsEdit

When Kimiko was 13 one night she was heading back from a ball game with her parents. When she saw Kin and Gin, she yelled at her parents to stop the vehicle and her father slammed on the breaks. She didn't expect what would happen next. Her parents were killed in an instant. Blood splatted all over her face and on the road. She lost everything from her parents and the times they used to have. She collapsed on the floor crying.

Enraenra and the Yokai WatchEdit

One day when Kimiko and Tetsuya were walking home from school, they find a mysterious woman and she almost ran into her not knowing where she was going.  She notices the woman and she looked back at the two who were walking home. She introduces herself and Tetsuya to the woman.

When she and Tetsuya encounter Yakkai, she jokes to her that she's a midget causing her to summon a Kaima. When Yakkai summoned the Kaima, she and Tetsuya ran away from it but then saw Yakkai getting closer to Enraenra. She and Tetsuya told Yakkai that fighting the Kaima is our top priority.

She then transformed into the Ganso Taicho, Tsuchigumo. She was surprised to see that she transformed and that she nor Tetsuya didn't know how to use their new powers. So, she tested her new powers and was surprised about her powers. They noticed the Kaima and got back to the ground and performed Ganke Punch to defeat the Kaima.

First meeting with TsuchigumoEdit

When Kimiko met Tsuchigumo for the first time, it ended up giving him the thought that he saw Kumiko. However, at the second attempt, he turned away from Kimiko and turned into his true form. She tried to calm him down by telling him the stories about her grandmas adventures.

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