Triple A : Idol Stars
トリプルA アイドルスターズ
(Toripuru A : Aidoru Sutāzu)
Original Runtba
Opening Songtba
Ending Songtba

Triple A : Idol Stars (トリプルA アイドルスターズ Toripuru A : Aidoru Sutāzu) is the first of the Idol Stars series of anime. It is set to be released either in late 2015 or early 2016.


They said you can achieve your dreams. They said to never give up. They said to work your way to the top. And it really does help. With this advice, three girls (Alice, Amaya, and Akari) become a group of idols dubbed as "Triple A". But soon, they learn that being part of an idol group is tough. They have to overcome it somehow.



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