Trèfle Rousseau
ルソー トレフル Rusō Torefuru
SeasonQueen's Deck! Pretty Cure
Eye Colorbrown (Trèfle)
green (Cure Clover)
Hair Colorblonde
Home PlaceShishiki
RelativesFleur Rousseau (mother)
Maxence Rousseau (father)
Séraphine Rousseau (older sister)
Hanami Élodie (grandmother)
Alter EgoCure Clover
Theme ColorGreen
Japanese Voice ActorNakaya Sayaka

Trèfle Rousseau is one the main Cures of Queen's Deck! Pretty Cure. Tréfle is a famous, french idol, whose family just moved to the main lovation of this season. Her grandmother lives in Japan, so Tréfle is used to this language. She becomes very fast friends with Bara and Suzu. Her alter ego is Cure Clover (キュアクローバー Kyua Kurōbā?), the Cure of clubs and wind.

Personal InformationEdit

  • Name: Trèfle Rousseau
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: September 4
  • Zodiac: Virgo
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 150 cm

General InformationEdit




  • Fleur Rousseau - Trèfle's mother, who traveled, together with her family to Japan.
  • Maxence Rousseau - Trèfle's father, who traveled together with his family to Japan. Maxence is a very famous Fantasy Author.
  • Séraphine Rousseau - Trèfle's older sister. She is the only member of the family, who stayed in France. Séraphine will get married in the middle of the season.
  • Hanami Élodie - Tréfle's grandmother.



Rousseau (ルソー?) - Diminutive of Roux. A famous bearer of this name is philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau whose ideas influenced the French Revolution.[1]

Trèfle (トレフル?) - Trèfle is the french word for Clover.

Pretty CureEdit

Cure CloverEdit

The green card of wind! Full of Clubs! Cure Clover!
Kaze no gurīnkādo! Kurabu-ippai! Kyua Kurōbā!

Cure Clover (キュアクローバー Kyua Kurōbā?) is Trèfle's Pretty Cure alter ego in Queen's Deck! Pretty Cure. She is the Pretty Cure of clubs and her powers are based on the wind. She transforms by saying Princess Trump! Pretty Cure Ace of Spades!.

Cure Clover has the power to use the green trump clubs. Her attacks are Hagi Hurricane, Susuki Storm and Kiku Gale.



"Princess Trump! Pretty Cure Ace of Spades!" - Princess Trump! Pretty Cure Ace of Spades! is the official transformation speech used by Trèfle Rousseau to transform into Cure Clover in Queen's Deck! Pretty Cure.


As a main character, Trèfle's voice actor, Nakaya Sayaka has particated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include duets with Oki Kanae, who voices Sekishin Bara, Inoue Marina, who voices Jikane Suzu and Kotono Mitsuishi who voices Ikken Midori.







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