'They All Start Somewhere' is the first episode of Yasmin The Hero!

They All Start Somewhere
"I'm the HERO!!!"
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date June 13th, 2015
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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Plot Edit

Yasmin is your ordinary girl, who's dedicated her life to helping others! Ever since she and her friends founded the Hero Club, so man people's lives have gotten better thanks to their efforts! But suddenly, Yasmin gets a mysterious alert on her phone. In an instant, she and her friends are transported to a magical land called Rainbow Hills. She and her friends must protect a magical tree, which gives life to ALL dimensions! But what are they protecting it from? Evil monsters called Pollutie!

Major Edits and Changes Edit

  • The Demon King is renamed The Skeleton King.
  • The skull background behind the puppets is changed to a dark forest instead.
  • The writing on the Hero Club 5 Tenets board is painted over and retranslated as 'The Hero Club Rules: Smile! Share! Say Hi!'
  • The writing on the blackboard during their meeting is painted over with the words 'Help The Cats At The Shelter!'
  • The texting interface on Yasmin's phone is completely redone to look more like an iPhone.
  • The 'Fortesize' warning on Yuna's phone is painted over to say 'Get ready!'
  • The clip of Yuna trying to pinch herself is cut.
  • The interface on Fu and the others' phones is redone again to look more like an iPhone.
  • As such, the girls' conversation is instead about how strange the forest is.
  • The discussion about Shinju and his homeworld is instead dubbed to the girls wondering how they could get back home and the strange messages on their phones.
  • Fu's explanation originally came from her keeping secrets and getting the girls ready to become Heros. Instead, Faith explains she knows about the forest from storybooks.
  • The phone navigator is redone to look more like an iPhone.
  • Some clips of the Vertex traveling to the girls is cut.
  • The scene where the Vertex is powering up the first laser is cut.
  • The scene of the Vertex summoning more minions is cut.
  • The conversation Yuna and Fu have on their phones is redubbed to Yasmin and Faith talking about the monsters and their possible weakness.
  • Itsuki getting hit by the Vertex's bombs is cut.
  • The clip of the Vertex charging it's beam again is cut.
  • The clip of the Vertex firing more minions at Fu and Itsuki is cut.

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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