The sword-wielding Magical Girl
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She mastered the sword-wielding skills from Zolo.
Japanese title 剣と青髪の魔法少女 (The Blue-haired Magical Girl with swords)
Episode Information
Episode no. 4
Directed by Akiyuki Shinbo
Writers Gen Urobuchi, Matthew Ordek, Ted Lewis
Airdate September 2013 (USA)

2014 (Japan)

Languages English


Duration 23 Minutes
Studio SHAFT
Distributor 4Kids Entertainment

Magica Quartlet

Episode Navigation
Maria's last battle?
Kacey, the red-haired Magical Girl
The sword-wielding Magical Girl is the 4th Episode of Magical Molly!. This Episode also marks the debut of Sabrina Mickey as a Magical Girl.


After Maria's disappearance, the shocked girls ultimately refuses to become Magical Girls. As Hilda appears, she talks to Molly, about the dangers of being a Magical Girl. One Night, Molly witness her friend, Hilary, tries to set up a fire along with the other people. Realizes that they are controlled by a witch, she stops them, and tries to hide when they are chasing her. Molly realizes that she is trapped in a witch's Nightmare. Helpless, she as unknowingly saved by a Blue-haired Magical Girl: Sabrina.

Characters AppearingEdit

  • Main Characters
    • Molly Kelley
    • Sabrina Mickey
    • Hilda Adams
    • Cubey
  • Others
    • Judy Kelley
    • Thomas Kelley
    • Taylor Kelley
    • Hilary Samantha

Censorships/Changes made from the original EpisodeEdit

  • Madoka and Sayaka grieving to Mami's death is toned down. ULTIMATELY.
  • Kyousuke's bleeding arm is edited. However his arm smashing to the CD player is NOT.


  • In this Episode, the dangers of mixing both cleaning chemicals is kept. However they are not labelled/named in the series.
  • First Cameo Appearance of Kacey Stevens.

Episode releasesEdit

The 4th Episode is released along with the 3rd Episode in the second Volume of the DVD.

Japanese versionEdit

剣と青髪の魔法少女 (The Blue-haired Magical Girl with swords)

See alsoEdit

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