The shocking truth
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"Girl, you're still here. It's midnight, and where are you going anyway?" "the train to despair."
Japanese title サブリナの終焉 (Sabrina's demise)
Episode Information
Episode no. 8
Directed by Akiyuki Shinbo
Writers Gen Urobuchi
Airdate TBA
Languages English


Duration 20 Minutes
Studio SHAFT
Distributor 4Kids Entertainment

Magica Quartlet

Episode Navigation
Sabrina's Despair
The Mermaid Knight Witch
The Shocking truth is the 8th Episode of Magical Molly!


Censorships/Changes from the original seriesEdit

  • Sayaka's words about her despair is kept, but it also adds her dialogue related to her friend, Hitomi. Who was giving her a chance of confessing Kamijou.
  • Dialogue is added in the scene of Hitomi confessing with Kamijou (while Sayaka is hiding to overhear then conversation).
  • The scene of the two men badmouthing their girlfriends in the train is ultimately deleted.
  • Cubey death censored
    The scene of Kyubey being "killed" is edited (see left picture).
    • Also Kyubey eating his own corpse is deleted.


  • Since the Episode's nature begin to darken, Sayaka's rage when battling Uhrmann's minions & her final demise is kept.


"Since you don't really like to fight with me, YOU'RE JUST NOTHING BUT A SHY, COWARDLY, CHICKEN-HEARTED GIRL!"
―-Sabrina to Molly, while the script is getting harsher and harsher in a "kids show".

Episode ReleasesEdit

The episode is released along with the 7th Episode in the 4th Volume of the Magical Molly DVD.

Japanese VersionEdit

サブリナの終焉 (Sabrina's demise)

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