The White Sorceress
(Shiro Sōsaresu)

The White Sorceress (白ソーサレス Shiro Sōsaresu?) is a magical girl anime created by FairySina. This series tells the story of a young girl, named "Shirohan Miko", becoming a magical girl.




Main Protagonists

Shirohan Miko (白半 巫女 Shirohan Miko?)
Miko is a nice and calm young girl, that lives with her grandfather at the Tamashi Shrine in the Seishin Forest, which is where she works as a priestess. At school, Miko has a few friends, whose she spend times with sometimes. Miko is the reincanation of the white sorceress Rana, who fought against a great evil power, in the past.


Megami Cho (めがみちょう Megami Chō?)
Megami Cho is a blue and purple butterfly, who watches over Miko, since she was born. She once was the partner of the white sorceress Rana. She helps Miko to find her destiny. Megami Cho is often called "Megumi-chan" by Rana.

Main Antagonists

Kuro Majo (黒魔女 Kuro Majo?)
Kuro Majo is the main antagonist of this series. She once fought against the white sorceress.

Minor Characters

Shirohan Ayumu (白半 歩夢 Shirohan Ayumu?)

Shorai Miyu (将来 みゆう Shōrai Miyū?) & Toba Aya (鳥羽 あや Toba Aya?) & Koshi Yuu (光子 ゆう Kōshi Yū?)



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