The Steelstorms
('Ano Suchirustomu')
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunApril 23, 2016
Opening SongSuper Family
Ending SongThunderstorm

The Steelstorms (あのスチールストーム Ano Suchīrustomu) is a superhero based anime made by MikuHatsune145.


The Steelstorm Family isn't what we can call a normal family: they all possess superhuman speed, strength, durability and other superpowers, they live in Whitelake a city with a school for children superheroes. Hoshiko, wants to be a crime-fighter just like her parents, she learns how to control her powers with her older brother Takumi. They all want to live a normal life, but it will be harder than they tought: the family's enemy Blackstar aims to ruin their plans of living a normal life. Takumi's girlfriend also wanted to help them with their introduction to the "normal world" (altough they live in a city with an half of superhero families) but she was touched by a Z Ray giving her superpowers. Now they all try to get rid of Blackstar, and to be as normal as they can.



  • Color: Purple

Hoshiko is the cheerful, kind and cute daughter of the famous Steelstorms, she goes to the Whitelake Super Academy, she has ice-based abilities but focuses more on her superhuman strength. Because she mostly uses her strength on battles, she gained the name of Tough Girl because she's hard to overpower and to beat. Whenever she's excited, she starts levitating, things around her flies and she has difficulty controlling her super strength. She loves sweets and likes baking, she loves doing muffins, her dream is to run a café and to make tasty sweets. Hoshiko is very friendly, she comfort her friends when they are sad and they can count on her and she can count on them, she's a social butterfly and loves making friends. She wants to fight crime the best she can and want to get rid of her family's enemy. She's very close to her brother, they share lots of things in common, she loves her brother and her and Takumi are both willing to be like their parents.

  • Color: Dark Blue

Takumi discovered his powers when he was a little boy, he was out of his home and wandered alone just before realizing that he could pass trough walls, when he found the postman, he followed him and went to his house. He found his body sleeping, he returned to his body, his parents then explained that he can do astral projection and that he needs to work on this power. He cares a lot about his sister, he loves her and hates when someone hurts his sister, he and Hoshiko sometimes get into a fud but they reconcile extremely fast. Takumi's powers are the opposite of his sister's: she can freeze anything with a touch and he can incinerate something or someone just by tought or by looking at it. He loves music and likes doing guitar, he's extremely popular at school, lots of girls want to be his girlfriend but he, his in love with Tsumiko, a normal human. Girls at school were disgusted by this but he doesn't want anyone to bully his girlfriend. He cares a lot about his family and friends.

  • Color: Lime Green

Tsumiko is the girlfriend of Takumi, they are both deeply in love with each other, she's fascinated by superhumans and sometimes wished to be one. Girls at Takumi and Hoshi's school are jealous of the relationship between Tsumiko and Takumi, one day, they waited Tsumiko at the entry of the school, then they bullyed her with their powers. She was saved by Hoshi and Tsumiko and the girls were expelled for several days for attacking a human. Tsumiko isolated herself in the cave of Zenithium, a blue crystal that contains powerful powers, used to create weapons for superhumans or potions, she then noticed that she wasn't alone: scientists were here working on the crystals. Takumi who knew that she was interested by these crystals, went to the cave and saw Tsumiko hiding behind crystals. The scientists who were working on a laser made of Zenitium, pushed a button and activated it and a laser touched Tsumiko. When she woke up, doctors said that the laser of Zenitium gave her powers and that she is now a superhuman. With Takumi and Hoshiko's help, she tries masterizing and controllling her powers at the school for Superhumans.

  • Color: Pink

Mizuki is the well-known Mystery, she is a famous superhuman known for fighting crimes while being invisible, because she fights and attacks when she's invisible, she gained the name of Mystery. She was a former student of the Whitelake Super Academy, she was a skilled student and was one of the best along with her husband Daisuke. She is a loving and caring mother, but she can be scary if someone attacks her childs, she and Daisuke were former friends of Blackstar before he wanted to steal their powers away and become more powerful. Mizuki developped her powers when she was young, she turned invisible without knowing and liked playing pranks on the boys at her school who kept pranking before she pranked them herself. She uses her powers to do things like: heating a meal or activating a machine. She loves her husband and her childs, she is very protective and is a caring person.

  • Color: Red

Daisuke is the powerful superhuman able to control weather at his very will, he is a powerful aerokinesis, cryokinesis, thermokinesis and electrokinesis user, being able to use almost all of them in battles. Along with his wife Mizuki also known as Mystery, are known as one of the powerfulest hero couple. He is a loving and sometime overprotective father, mostly over his daughter, he cares a lot about his children. He is described as handsome by of course his wife, his daughter and some girls at Hoshiko's school (which surprises her and him). Daisuke loves cooking, he loves cats and his children, he also was a former student of Whitelake Super Academy and fell in love with Mizuki when they met at school.


  • Color: Black

Blackstar is the Steelstorms' enemy, he tortured psychically Mizuki and Daisuke, he wanted to asborb their powers and steal their child, because of their powerfulness and the fact that they are one of the powerfulest. He is very dangerous and lots fears him, he is a villain who has tortured and imprisoned lots of superheroes, before Daisuke's parents (who are the Steelstorms) imprisoned him in the Whitelake Prison. He escaped and decided to get his revenge on the Steelstorms, he wanted to use their childs (at first Mizuki and then Hoshiko and Takumi) to make them leaders of an army of child superhumans. The Steelstorms are willing to eliminate Blackstar.



The city where they live, half (or more) of the city is composed of Superhumans, it is a pretty and big city with a school for superhumans and normal humans, it is located on Earth in Japan, it is directed by Fumiko Kodoyama.

Whitelake Super Academy

The school where superhuman children goes, they learn how to control their powers, they wear uniforms and even has dormitories. It is a luxurious school and every superhuman childs goes there freely, it is located next to the school for normal humans.

Whitelake Human Academy

The school where normal human goes, it also has dormitories, they also wear uniforms and is next to the school for superhumans, this a luxurious school and humans also goes there freely.


  • Mizuki's alter ego Mystery, is based out of the Invisible Woman.
  • Daisuke's alter ego is based on Storm from Marvel.
  • Hoshiko and Takumi's elements are opposed:
    • Hoshi can generate ice breaths while Takumi can generate fire breaths.
    • Hoshi can freeze anything by a touch and Takumi can incinerate things by tought or look.
    • Hoshi can transform her body into organic ice while Takumi can make his arm burning (without incineraring himself.

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