Heir of the Fallen
('Daraku-sha no kōkei-sha')
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunMay 17, 2016
Opening SongInner Devil
Ending SongNightfalls

Heir of the Fallen ( 堕落者の後継者 Daraku-sha no kōkei-sha ) is a new fan series made by MikuHatsune145.


A coward, an idiot, a goody two-shoes: those are all the names Blake has been hearing all his life by everyone. He never got the chance to have friends or become part of a group because of who he is. Or rather, was. All of a sudden, in an unexpected way, everything changed. The coward scared of everything and nothing that was Blake changed. The stupid pranks that everyone were pulling on him had no more effect on him. He isn't afraid of his own shadow anymore. Something inside him awakened. He didn't knew what nor why. All he knew was that he simply wasn't the same anymore.

Eventually, he found out. He always knew there was something different about him. That he wasn't like the others, that he could never be like them. Turns out, it was true. He can never be like them, because of who his father is. The ruler of Hell, ruler of all demons. The one and only Lucifer. Obviously, finding out the truth about his origins was harsh but he started enjoying his new powers and abilities becoming the total opposite of who he once was.

Though, discovering that truth had a price: any demon wants to become Hell's ruler and thus by getting him, the son of Lucifer out of the way would be the first step in the path of becoming Hell's King. But, determined and decided not to let the others put him down again, Blake is more than decided to make it clear that he is and will keep his throne and crown as the Prince of Hell.


Blake was quite banal and normal before his powers started to manifest. He was constantly teased by his classmates and feels strong resentment towards them. Learning his true identity as Lucifer's son was the final nail in the coffin. Having hard times forgiving his mother for lying to him but soon found himself enjoying his newfound powers. As soon as he knew his identity demons all over town started hunting him. But as the son of a demon as powerful as Lucifer, they were no match for him. He became friends with another demon: Lillie, daughter of Azazel, who happens to be in the same high school as them. She was the first to notice that the shy and easily scared Blake was gone.


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