The Son of the Devil is...Me
('Akuma no musuko wa...Watashi')
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunMay 17, 2016
Opening SongInner Devil
Ending SongNightfalls

The Son of the Devil is...Me ( 悪魔の息子は...私 Akuma no musuko wa...Watashi ) is a new fan serie made by MikuHatsune145.


Hiroaki Kokuyo considers himself a coward: he is afraid of any blood drop he sees, can't stand watching a documentary about animals going to the slaughterhouse, is afraid of eating meat and faints in every blood he sees in movies. People at school keeps calling him: Scaredy Cat, Chicken or Yellow-belly, and always scares him with: snakes, spiders, fake blood or with zombie or vampire masks. He is tired of it and one day, he accidentally pushes with great force, his mockers onto the walls, leaving them unconscious. Then he notice changes with his physical appearance: his hair starts growing gradually, his canines are longer and his personality also changes: he starts eating meat, he is not afraid of spiders, snakes or blood anymore. But when he makes almost all of the stuff in his room fly, melts a glass by touching it and starts hearing a voice in his head. His mother explains her that his father is a powerful demon: Lucifer and that his sisters and him all possess their father's powerful magic. Now, he is trying to control his demonic self and tries to retrieve his father and save him from the Demon King the best he can.



  • Color: Dark Blue
  • Sign: Cross
  • Element: Darkness

Hiroaki is the powerful son of Lucifer, he was a coward until he discovered his newfound powers, he wasn't afraid anymore of his comrades' scary jokes. He started changing a lot: he now eats meat, is not afraid (and even likes) spiders, he is now popular among girls as he became more cool and handsome and also more athletic. He tries to control his demonic powers and helps his sisters with it, he is very caring, kind and tolerant. He always wear his signet ring given to him by his mother, he really wants to retrieve his father. He loves Mina and Nina, his sisters, he sometimes picks fights with them but when Hiroaki was feeling sick, they both took care of him showing that they all three cares of each other. He has proven to be a hard fighter, good in both armed and hand-to-hand combat, he is loyal to his Merciless (which is his ring in its weapon form) and his Heartless, which allows him to cut trough anything and fire demonic magic infused bullets. He also cares a lot about his mother because she's human, she could be killed and really wants to protect her. He also really wants to retrieve his father and beat up the Demon King.

  • Color: Dark Pink
  • Sign: Rose
  • Element: Lightning


Mina is the nine years-old little sister of Hiroaki and takes great care of her older sister Nina and Hiroaki her older brother, she also works on her powers with their help and helps her mother a lot. When she transforms into her demon form, she has a growth spurt: she matures and changes into a sixteen years old girl like Nina, she can freely controls electricity and her powers are colored in pink. Even if she picks fights with Hiroaki sometimes, she cares a lot about him and also wants to retrieve her father. Mina loves fashion, she loves coordinating and clothes customizing, she is the caretaker of a fashion blog under her 16 years old-self (which is uncommon to grow so fast). She loves pink and always wears pink: pink jewels, outfits and even her combat outfit is pink. She is very easy-going, always excited and cute, in her demon form she's more ferocious and rebellious.

  • Color: Dark Purple
  • Sign: Snowflake
  • Element: Ice

Item: Snowflake Necklace

Nina is the cute little sister of Hiroaki and the older sister of Mina who she is the exact opposite, she's more studious, serious, less rebellious and doesn't use her demon form to spent for a fashion blogger. In her other form she's cold, even more serious and acts as an older sister everytime, she looks even more adult in her other form. She is caring and even if she picks fight with Hiro, she loves her older brother and wants him to be happy. She is more fond of books and loves reading, she loves detective novels and wants to become a detective herself. Like her mother, she loves flowers and like the rest of the family, helps her taking care of the flowers. She trains a lot on her powers with the help of Hiro and Lilith. Nina and Mina always finishes the sentence of each other and sometimes guess who's going to say what. They, Hiro, Mina, Nina and Lilith, are determined to take the Demon King's reign down.

  • Color: Black/Pink
  • Sign: Black wing
  • Element: Earth

Lilith is the daughter of the Demon King, she is extremely powerful but she is kind of a lone wolf, she was kept in her house unable to get out. Because of that, she doesn't have many friends and can be seems as cold, haughty and arrogant but she changed a lot when Hiroaki and her becamed friends. When she was forced to fight with Hiroaki, he told her that she shouldn't let her father control her, that he is here and that she ,now, can count on him. She feels guilty about what her father did to Hiro's father, she wants to take him and down but wants to give him another chance to threat her like his daughter and not his minion. She is deeply in love with Hiro and knows that he feels the same, but they act weirdly when the subject is on. Because she doesn't want to go back home, she stays in the Kokuyo family's house, she helps Hiro, Mina and Nina's mother and often cook for them. She is also fond of her familiar Satan, her purple/black spider, and he is always sitting on her shoulder. She really wants to have a closer relationship with her father.


  • Sign: Black wing
  • Element: Darkness

Mammon is the Demon King and Lilith's father, he is more concerned about his reign than his daughter and Lilith wishes that he will someday recognize her as his daughter. He is very greedy and also cares a lot about material things more than his daughter's feelings and can be ego-centric and selfish. He wields powerful magic and can summon low-level demons to help him in his battles. He was jealous of Lucifer, jealous of his powers, he and Lucifer (who he called Luca at this time) were friends but Mammon started being filled with hate and jealousy. Seeing that Luca was chosen to be the king and that he wields powers even more powerful than him. But after he saw how his daughter was powerful, happy and decided to forgive him for what he did, he fell guilty and calls him undeserved to be called father but Lilith really wants to gave him another chance.


Black Rose High School

The school were Hiroaki and Lilith goes, it is a prestigious and luxurious school looking like an aristocratic house. It also has dormitories. Students in first year wears dark blue ties, red in second and purple in third. The blason is a chained black rose.

Kokuyo House

A charming house where Hiro, Mina, Nina, their mother and Lilith live, it is quite luxurious and it is mainly black and it's a big house. It has a beautiful garden who Maria takes care a lot.

Dark Castle

The castle of the demon king, there is always guards , Mammon doesn't go out of the castle, he watches on his daughter with his familiar. The castle is gloomy, dark and hidden by a forest.


  • Hiroaki bears similiraties to Luka Crosszeria from Uraboku.
    • They both have long nails and fangs.
    • They both wear crosses.
    • They both wear long black coats.
    • They are demons.
    • They both wields powerful magic.
    • They both have a familiar.








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