This is the second ending theme for D.N.Angel DR.


The Rose can shine with light or darkness

It can be both a symbol of love and mystery

The Rose is as mysterious as the phantom thief

The rose is most beautiful at night under the light of a full moon

The full moon reflects the true beauty of the rose

Whether blue or black, the rose will always be full of mystery 

For the rose is mysterious, that no one knows what it is thinking

The magic of mystery is the very essence of the rose

And the phantom theif that wears the rose is the most mysterious of all the roses in the world

For she wears the rose with great mystery and beauty

She is as beautiful and mysterious of all the roses in the world

For her goal is to steal the heart of the phanton theif with black wings

And when she reaches her goal she will blossom into the world's most mysterous and beautiful rose


  • This song is sung by Sakura / Rose's voice actress.

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