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The Legend of Zelda: Shadow Tale is a Fan Story to the The Legend of Zelda Series created by FairySina. The Story takes place in the same universe as The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.




Main Protagonists

  • Zelda Hime - The princess of Hyrule, who is actually pretty bored by her current life. That's why she asked the hylian soliders to teach her how to fight.
  • Link Senshi - A brave, young citizen of the little village, Ordon, which is located in the Kingdom of Hyrule. Link is very calm but lovely and kind.
  • Rhai Koari - A young girl, that comes from Link's home village.
  • Midna Hime - The princess of the twilight realm, whose family once helped the hylian warriors and the chosed hero of the goddesses.

Main Antagonists

Minor Characters


  • Shadow Tale takes place in the same universe as The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, which is FairySina's favorite Zelda Game.
  • This series is based on a fanstory, for a Zelda game, FairySina, is working on, since she first played Twilight Princess.

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