The Great Showstoppers

Showstoppers: A Superstar's Dream
(Chimei: Sūpāsutā no yume)

DirectorCureKurogane (Creator)
StudioToei Animation
LicensorViz Media

Toei Animation
Funimation Entertaiment

Original RunJanuary 7,2016 - Ongoing
Showstoppers: A Superstar's Dream (致命:スーパースターの夢 Chimei: Sūpāsutā no Yume?) is a musical fanfiction manga series written and illustrated by CureKurogane. This series is a mega-crossover story and takes place in an alternate universe where two successful pop groups: 8*Star and Take 7 who face the life of being major superstars and even face their own personal issues and form friendships with one another. The manga series was soon adapted into an anime series called The Great Showstoppers and it's produced by Viz Media, Funimation Entertaiment, and Toei Animation.


Eight friends: Naruto, Sakura, Alphonse, Kagome, Goten, Ash, Megumi, and Miaka started a music group known as 8*Star, because of their love for music and dancing. After their successful performance at their school talent concert, they were approached by a man named Sakano and offered them a record deal, much to their surprise. Now with a successful album, 8*Star was now raising to fame and is on the road 24-7, not to mention being mobbed by fans everywhere they go.

Also, during their success, the group is approached by Take 7, a  hot boyband from Iwatobi Town, and they too are rising to fame. With two bands, meaning there will be music, friendship, drama, and sometimes romance.

It's a story about these showstoppers and their dreams of becoming superstars!



8 Star (stylized as 8*Star) is a J-Pop band that consists of 4 boys (Naruto, Alphonse, Goten, and Ash) and 4 girls (Sakura, Kagome, Megumi, and Miaka). The group signed a record deal with Arashi Records and has released their self-titled debut album which hit number 1 on the US, UK, and Japanese charts along with their hit cover of Spice Girls' 1996 hit, "Wannabe". They both sing in Japanese and English.


  • Uzumaki Naruto - Born October 10, 1993 (Male lead, vocals, songwriting)
  • Kinomoto Sakura - Born April 1, 1993 ( Female lead, Vocals, songwriting)
  • Alphonse Elric - Born March 13, 1993 (Vocals, songwriting)
  • Higurashi Kagome - Born November 5, 1993 (Vocals, songwriting)
  • Ketchum "Ash" Satoshi - Born May 22, 1993 (Vocals, rapping, songwriting)
  • Son Goten - Born June 1, 1993 (Vocals, songwriting)
  • Aino Megumi - Born October 12, 1993 (Vocals, songwriting)
  • Yuuki Miaka - Born May 12, 1993 (Vocals, songwriting)

Take 7Edit

Take 7 is a J-Pop band that consists 7 boys from Iwatobi Town (Haruka, Makoto, Rin, Rei, Nagisa, Sousuke and Momotarou). They were signed a record deal with Blue Rhythm Records and has released their self-titled debut album, a year after 8*Star's album released. It hit number one in the Japanese charts as well as the US and the UK along with their lead single, "Speak". Like 8*Star, Take 7 can sing both in Japanese and English.


  • Nanase Haruka  - Born: June 30th, 1993 (Vocals and songwriting)
  • Tachibana Makoto - Born:  November 17th, 1993 (Vocals and songwriting)
  • Matsuoka Rin - Born: February 2nd, 1993 (Vocals, rapping, and songwriting)
  • Ryuugazaki Rei - Born: December 14th, 1993 (Vocals and songwriting)
  • Hazuki Nagisa - Born: August 1st, 1993 (Vocals and songwriting)
  • Yamazaki Sousuke - Born: September 14th, 1993 (Vocals and songwriting)
  • Mikoshiba Momotarou - Born: December 6th, 1994 (Vocals and songwriting)

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