Game Show
('Kokkeina Gēmushou')
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunJuly 20, 2016
Opening SongHello World!
Ending SongGlittering Escalation

The Geeky Game Show is a serie created by MikuHatsune145, the themes are games, friendship and music.


Kim Sun Hee is a girl passooned by games, anime, she has a crazy style, has lots of decorations in her hair and even have a crazy colored hair (her hair black with pink and blue), she loves science. She made a game recently and released it on the net, resulting in million people playing it, one day a manager appeared in her house, he said that she could become a great game developper and she started her ventures being a game developper in her own company. Her company is called Crazy Sun and she is the host of The Geeky Game Show (TV Show) where she announces her new game releases and fun facts about her. She does this with her bestfriends Kong So-Hyun the stylist and fan of fashion, Park Ji Yoon the cameraman and as Sun Hee calls him "the computer rat" and Yuko Maekawa (Sun Hee's japanese bestfriend) who deals with the special effects, they all three forms the main cast of The Geeky Game Show and are part of Sun's company. All three they will have to struggle with their daily school life while being stars of the internet with a young game developper.


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