The Daily Life of Karen Nichibotsu
('Karen Nichibotsu no nichijo seikatsu')
LicensorStarlight Studios
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunMay 29, 2016
Opening SongSpirit Talking
Ending SongPsyche

The Daily Life of Karen Nichibotsu is a fantasy, detective themed series created by MikuHatsune145.


Karen Nichibotsu comes from Okinawa, she loves fashion and loves mixing beachwear with elegant clothing, she recently integrated the Bunka Fashion College and lives in a cute house with her parents. She is with Michiru, she loves him and lives happily, until she mets Nora Miura a ghost who reveals to her and Michiru that they are Soul Cleaners: people who have the gift to see ghosts and can help them or purify them. They then, started their training as Soul Cleaners and now with the help of Nora and her ghostly boyfriend Mikoto, they investigate on paranormal crimes and purify sinful spirits. With the help of their parents and their ghost bestfriends, they will keep on their journey to hunt down evil spirits. But their work as Soul Cleaners is more complex than they tought: they have to control their powers and also control their abilities and also to know how to use their weapons correctly. Karen and Michiru along with Nora and Mikoto, are willing to purify every evil souls they will met on their way.


Soul CleanersEdit

  • Color: Turquoise

Karen is a cute, kind, warm-hearted and devoted person, she's ready to help people when they need, she works alot on her powers with Michiru and the help of her parents. Like her mother, she possesses the unique ability to heal spirits, humans and other cleaners, she works a lot on this power. She loves fashion since she's a child and always dreamed to launch her own clothing line, she's happy to be in part of the Bunka Fashion College. She wasn't aware of her powers but remembered having seen a child-looking ghost when she was seven. Michiru and her are deeply in love with each other, they were bestfriends when they were little but Michiru fell in love with her the first. Karen has proven to be powerful many times: she stopped rain with her hydrokinesis and transformed it into hail, she blasted ghosts miles away several times and healed both Michiru and Seiji from severe injuries. It was then revealed that she is the Chosen One, that she possesses powers even more powerful than other cleaners, being born from two powerful parents, it was revealed also that her ancestors were all soul cleaners. Now that she knows that, she works hard and wants to help everyone with the best she can.

  • Color: Teal

Michiru is a very kind and is described as handsome and cute by other girls at school, mostly by a girl called Sumire, who loves him but he ignore her (when they pick fights it is more in a comical way). He is also one of the chosen ones, Karen and him are both gifted with powerful powers, have soul cleaners in their ancestors and are born from two powerful parents. Michiru is always ready to help and protect the one he loves, he has the common family ability to generate force fields and manipulate blue colored fire. He can use his gun to do many things: his bullets can transform into chains and the magic infused in these can imprison spirits on a crucifix using his gun. Michiru is a very good artist, he loves painting and has taken his little brother, his family and Karen as models for his drawings, he aspires to become a famous painter known for his talents. He is also devoted to his work as a Soul Cleaner and wants to help the best he can.

  • Color: Pink

Sakura along with Seiji are the two descendants of the Fujiwara family, a well-known, wealthy and powerful family of Soul Cleaners, she is quite picky and arrogant and is somewhat of a tsundere. She works as a Soul Cleaner since she is 9 and so, is very powerful and has a lot of experience, she and Seiji often mocks newbies from being unexperienced and to doesn't know how to use their powers (which is why lots of newbies doesn't want to be with them). But after she befriended Karen and Michiru, she changed her attitude and becamed more friendly, kind and more caring towards other people. Sakura has shown to be more cute than she seems, like when she offered a friend bracelet to Karen and to Michiru or when she kindly shared her handmade cake with them and with Seiji. She loves her brother and cares a lot about him, even if she picks comical fights with him, she cares about him and also cares about his friends.

  • Color: Green

Seiji is the older brother of Sakura who she cares a lot about, he is also described as handsome by other girls, he is very good at casting spells and doing magic. He is caring, cute and friendly, his friends are very important to him and like his sister, is a bit of a tsundere. He likes baking and offering his cakes to his friends, he wants to own his baking shop all around the world, for Sakura its a hobby but for him that's a passion. He's extremely good at doing magic and he uses magic orbs in combat, he can transform these into anything he wants. Seiji takes good care of his little sister which he really loves, he sometimes talks with Michiru, Sakura calls their discussions Handsome Boys Talk. He is very devoted to his work but also want to live happily with his friends and his little sister.


  • Color: Purple

Nora is a spirit who was and still is a funny, kind and friendly girl, she was killed by her ex (and actual ghost boyfriend) Mikoto (who did that to be with another girl but at that time he had a ton of problems). She desipised him until he electrocuted himself to became a ghost to be with her for the eternity. She helps Karen and Michiru a lot and because same if she becamed a ghost since two years ago, she knows a lot about them. Because she helps our main team a lot, the commander of the Esper Police (the force that opposes evil spirits), decided to assimilate her along with Mikoto in Karen's team. Nora now has a weapon and trains a lot on controlling her powers, her ghost physiology results that everytime she's angry, her telekinetic powers activate and so she needs to control it. Her dream was to become a model, like Karen, fashion is her passion and wanted to be a famous model. Nora is very funny and loves joking but can be very serious when needed, she doesn't like hurting people and is always ready to help.

  • Color: Dark Blue

Mikoto was a selfish, ego-centric and emotionless person until he killed Nora, he was so disappointed of himself after what he did that he electrocuted himself to became a ghost. Now he is with Nora again, he want to redeem what he did and is happy that Nora is givibg him another chance. He also was assimilated with Karen's team and works with Nora as a pair. Still in love with her, same if he has another chance, there's times when he gets depressed but she always comfort him. He trains a lot on his powers, electricity can be heavily dangerous and so works a lot on controlling his powers. Mikoto doesn't want to be the "selfish and ego-centric brat" anymore, he is caring, kind and protecting now and wants to protect the one he loves the best he can.


Nichibotsu Mansion

The white and large and luxurious house where Karen lives, she has her own fashion studio and also has maids and one butler, the Nichibotsu Family is somewhat privileged because of them being in the Esper Force for years.

Kobayakawa Mansion

Like the Nichibotsu family, the Kobayakawas lives in a luxurious house with maids and a butler, their house is large and has more than five rooms. They also are privileged.

Fujiwara House

A big house looking like a traditional japanese house, the entire Fujiwara family lives there, and like any family being part of the Esper Force, they are privileged.

Esper Force Mansion

A mansion that serves as the main place where espers reunite, it looks like a huge and luxurious place but the underground of the house, have a training room, a prison (for evil spirits) and a big room for reunions.


  • Karen has similarities with Melinda Gordon from Ghost Whisperer because they both inherited their powers from their grandmother and mother and both helps ghosts to rest in peace.
    • But espers in this series resolve old crimes and fights against evil spirits.
  • Espers have unusual weapons like Karen's bracelet or Sakura's rosary.
  • Some ghosts like Nora and Mikoto can become part of the Esper Force.

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