The Cursed Daughter of God (神の呪われた娘 Kami no norowareta musume) is an Anime Fan Series created by HanaMShyri .

Plots Edit

# Name Story Episodes Region
1 The Dead Angel (死んで天使 Shinde Tenshi) Hikari is the smallest daughter of the Omnipotent - the King of all angels. She is a lovely, kind and gentle girl who is loved by everyone. But on her tenth birthday, she suddenly went missing. Weeks after that, her twin brother - Satoki found her sleeping in the Cursed Forest. But since Hikari came back from the Cursed Forest, her life had changed: Her parents, her sibling, her friends, everyone seems to forget everything about her, she became absolutely invisible. The only person to be able to realize her existence is Satoki. Suffering from being forgotten, Hikari got seriously ill and passed away. (List) Heaven

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