Princess of the Moon.

The Battlefield Flower is the first opening in season 1 The Boy of Destiny!

Lyrics (TV size)Edit

You, You are The wind the gentle wind caressing me.

You, You are My dream my lonely dream that fades away.

And now...

I'm lost here without you.

Alone in the dark.

Wake me up. And open my EYESSSS! (Oohh!)

The moon hangs low in a black, and bloody sky.

Shining down on a dark and weary world.

Arrow made of Light piercing through the night.

Tears a hole in the darkness.

Follow you to the end of the earth.

Where the sky meets a cold, and dry land.

Oh feel the wind blowing.

The flower made of Fire.

Blooms in a battlefield!

I am walking the world searching for the sweetest smile.

Waiting for the sign to show me the way!

Darling i will be your angel in a gathering storm!

I won't ever let you fall.

I won't let you fade away!

Resurrecting all the power in my sword!

Tonight i tear out the earth with my might!


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