Tenjin Karen
天神 かれん
Tenjin Karen
Warrior Tenjin!
Personal Info
SpeciesKami Warrior
BirthdayJune 22nd
Blood TypeAB
Height164 cm
Hair Colorblonde
Eye Colorlight blue
FamilyTenjin Yuuma & Tenjin Takeshi (parents)
Tenjin Ichirou (older brother)
Tenjin Haruna (grandmother
HomeplaceSky Ocean (fromerly)
Japanese Voice ActorKotobuki Minako
Amaterasu Tenjin
Tenjin PowerSunlight
Holy WeaponSunlight Spear
LoyaltySky Ocean
Tenjin PartnersAphrodite Tenjin & Artemis Tenjin
Theme ColorYellow

Tenjin Karen (天神 かれん Tenjin Karen?) is the human reincarnation of the powerful Kami warrior Amaterasu Tenjin. She is the main Character of the Anime Warrior Tenjin!. Karen is a young girl, who has a great love for flowers and the nature. Karen is a sweet but very shy person with almost no good friends. She lives with her parents, her older brother and their grandmother. Karen is destined to be the great warrior of the sun; Amaterasu Tenjin (アマテラス天神 Amaterasu Tenjin?).

General InformationEdit


Karen is a young girl, who has a great love for flowers and the nature. Karen is a sweet but very shy person with almost no good friends. After becoming Amaterasu Tenjin, Karen changes a lot. She becomes a lot braver and talks to other people more often. Karen becomes a great friend. A lot from her old life appears in Karen's new personality.


Karen has blonde hair and light blue eyes. Her hair is styled into two pigtails, hold up by two white and light blue bows. Karen has light green glasses.


Tenjin (天神?) - Ten (?) means "Heaven" and Shin (?) means "God". Tenshin also means "heavenly Gods". Karen shares her name with the Anime Series, she plays the main Character in.

Karen (かれん?) - Though written in Hiragana, Karen's name is not Japanese. Her name comes from the danish short form of Katherine[1], which comes from the Greek name Aikaterine.[2]

Amaterasu (アマテラス?) - Amaterasu means "shining over heaven", from Japanese Ama ( Ten?) "heaven, sky" and Terasu ( Teru?) "shine". This was the name of the Japanese sun goddess, the ruler of the heavens. At one time the Japanese royal family claimed descent from her.[3]

Kami WarriorEdit

Amaterasu TenjinEdit

"The light of the Sun! I'm the Kami Warrior of Sunlight, Amaterasu Tenjin!"— Amaterasu Tenjin

Amaterasu Tenjin (アマテラス天神 Amaterasu Tenjin?) is a great Kami Warrior from Sky Ocean. Amaterasu Tenjin is the warrior of sunlight and one of the strongest Kami Warriors. But she was defeated by Anun in the great fight and her soul moved to earth. She was reborn in a new body. In Karen's body. Karen is the human reincarnation of Amaterasu and is destined to return to Sky Ocean and protect it as Amaterasu Tenjin.


Life as Amaterasu TenjinEdit

Becoming Amaterasu Tenjin againEdit

Returning to Sky OceanEdit

Final Fight against AnunEdit



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