Tara Styles (Kazanari Tsubasa) is a main character in the 4K!ds dub, Warriors of Symphogear. She is a teenager who's family bloodline trails back to ancient Japan.

Tara Kazanai
Japanese Name Tsubasa Kazanari
Appears in Warriors of Symphogear!
Age 19
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Purple
Personal Status
Relatives Kazanai Family
Occupation Student, Singer, Heroine
VA (English) Tara Strong
VA (Japanese) Nana Mizuki

Personality Edit

Abilities Edit

Changes and Edits Edit

Quotes Edit

"Kara, don't do it!" - Season 1, Episode 1

"You and I...have nothing in common. But perhaps...we can fight." - Season 1, Episode 3

"Heavenrend, return to my song..." - her transformation phrase."

"FOR KARA!!!!!!!!" Season 1, Episode 12

"If you keep fighting, you're gonna get even more sick, Hailey!" - Season 2, Episode 8

Gallery Edit

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