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Tanabata Pretty Cure! (七夕プリキュア! Tanabata Purikyua!) is a Pretty Cure series created by CureKanade. The series is based of the famous Chinese folklore story.


Two mascots named Star and Eclipse, are sent down to Earth by Queen Shiro to find the Tanabata Sword that shines every year on the seventh day of July. Little did the mascots know, that they had to find Pretty Cure as well.

Meanwhile, Kuro is planning something very bad to happen to the Tanabata Sword.


Pretty Cure

Mayu Watanabe (渡辺 まゆ Watanabe Mayu)

Hiroshi Fukushima (福島 宏 Fukushima Hiroshi)


Star (スター Sutā)

Eclipse (食 Shoku)


Kuro (黒 Kuro)

More villians coming soon





  • This is the first pretty cure series to have a male as a cure.

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