SeasonMahou Shoujo Alumi
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
First AppearanceAct 1: The Birth of a New Warrior!
Japanese Voice ActorShindo Kokoro (anime)

Mahiro Erika (live-action)

Tamashii (魂 Tamashii) is one of the main characters of Mahou Shoujo Alumi.



Hikari's ally of the series. At first, Tamashii is nothing but the voice of a spirit, giving advice to Hikari about being a magical girl. She is very wise and always speaks in a calm tone of voice. Her physical form, Shiroten Angel, is that of a 20-year-old and acts as Hikari's babysitter.


She's Tamashii, Hikari's mentor and ally. She starts out as a beautiful voice who communicates to Hikari. She is always calm, but she still has emotions, and is also wise. Sometimes, she accesses a human form, called Shiroten Angel, and acts as Hikari's babysitter.



Tamashii is able to access a human form, which acts as a disguise to not only blend in, but to be Hikari's caretaker whenever there is no one to watch her. This form, Shiroten Angel, takes the form of a black headed lady, appearing in her 20's, with a kimono each time she accesses Angel. She is also the one who awards, and takes away, diamonds. It is said she has other powers, but is not able to use them or would rather not risk using them.


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