Takumi (タクミ Takumi?) is a pretty big organization, which is always refered as gang by the Agents or Analysts of the Spicy Agency. Takumi is a well known gang of the streets of Tokyo, appearing in Police Girl: Detective Blair. The members of Takumi usually have problems with the local police and seem to enjoy this. The members like to provocate others, especially those who work for the police. There is a rumor that Takumi are trying to break into the Spicy Agency.

The current boss of Takumi is unknown, while the co-leader is Uchida Tamaki. Mika replaced Takahashi Ken after he left the gang before the start of the series.



  • The gang's name comes from the Japanese word Takumi (巧み?) meaning "skill".
  • Blair and the others found out, that Erika just joined the group to find her lost sister.
  • While Takumi members made appearance since the beginning of Police Girl: Detective Blair, Takumi itself didn't appear until Case 14: Takumi, the gang of Tokyo!.

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