Takuhiko Koizumi is one of the main protagonists of "I'm Not That Cute!".

Personality Edit

Takuhiko descries himself as a "Moe Otaku", an expert on all anime, manga, games, etc. that ooze with cuteness. However others describe him as creepy, perverted, and unapproachable. Most of the time it's because he's shy and socially awkward ,especially when it comes to women ,but he can get brought out of it if he's particularly peeved. However, he is trying to make an actual effort to socialize with people, albeit reluctantly. He especially doesn't like it when one calls him cute ,especially when it comes to his short height, but subconsciously exploits said cuteness. Kind of doesn't help that while not intentional he can come across as rather sexist and homophobic at times, although in fairness the latter is a defense mechanism for his own bicuriousity. He also has a tendency to make stupid plans that almost always backfires, not helped by being delusional in general. Although he'll genuinely try to learn from his mistakes even if he forgets at times.

Appearance Edit

Takuhiko is a five foot tall boy that borderlines on Shota with messy pink hair and green eyes that are a little larger than normal. Most of the time he wears his school uniform, a simple black gakuran with gold buttons, but when he needs to go out he wears a hoodie over it, most commonly a bunny-themed one.

History Edit

Prior to the series, on top of being asocial he was also a major recluse who avoided the outside world except for school and getting the media he craves. Part of the reason was due to a series of rejection from girls including his crush, who he refuses to talk about, which left him with a 2D fetish with some exceptions such as idols like MY☆UTA. However his mother couldn't take his laziness and asocial personality anymore and grounded him until he can make friends in the outside world.

Relationships Edit

TBA (want to make the pages for everyone else first)

Trivia Edit

  • His surname is a pun on the word "恋 (koi)" which roughly translates to "passionate love" and often refers to a selfish kind of love.
  • His first name in Kanji translates to "eminent prince" with "eminent" defined as "famous or respected in a position" particularly to emphasize a positive quality.
    • "Taku" also references how he's an otaku and "hiko" comes from "hikkikomori"
  • His blood type is B who according to Japanese myth are often passionate, creative, and laid-back ,but also lazy, irresponsible, and selfish; among other traits.
  • His favorite anime and manga include Lucky Star, Himotou! Umaru-chan, and Yuru-Yuri

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