Suzune Amano (Suzune Magica)

Suzune (Magical Molly!)

Jinna's attempt to clone herself had (pretty much) nearly perfect results.
Appears in Suzune Magica (original)

Magical Molly! series

Age ???
Gender Female
Race Human

Magical Girl

Hair Color Sliver
Eye Color Brown
Personal Status
VA (English) Grey DeLisle (Movie)

Carrie Savage (MM! the series)

VA (Japanese) Marina Inoue (Movie & TV Series)

Suzune Amano is a Magical Girl appearing in the manga series: Puella Magi Suzune Magica.


Marked by a grey outfit, Suzune, while also possessed of a small body, wields an enormous sword with no problem, like a magical girl swordsman.


Suzune Magica (Manga)

To be announced

Magical Molly! Movie 2

It was hinted that she will appear in the 2nd Magical Molly! Movie sequel. It was unknown that she will be a supporting character or an antagonist.

Magical Molly! Comic Series

The writer was interested to let Suzune appear in the comic series, as a (possible) tie-in of the film.

Voice Actors

  • English - Grey DeLisle (Movie), Carrie Savage (TV Series)
  • Japanese - Marina Inoue (Movie & TV series)


Magical Molly! Action Figure Series

  • Magical Assassin Suzune
    • Release Date: March 2015
    • Wave: ???
    • Japanese ID Number: MM-AFC-???
    • Accessories:
      • Standard: 2 interchargeable hands, large sword, display stand
      • Exclusive: 2 interchargeable hands, large sword (normal & broken), effect for sword, display stand
  • Suzune VS Hilda (Tentative name)

A battle-damaged redeco of the Suzune figure. The 2-pack includes a Hilda Adams figure (Battle Damaged)


  • In the Magical Molly! continuity, Suzune is the 6th Magical Girl melee weapon user, after Sabrina, Kacey, Yuma, Hilary, & Kirika.
    • Suzune was the 4th white-haired character, after Jinna Asumi, Shirakami & Oriko.
  • Despite her appearance in the Magical Molly! comic series, she isn't the same Suzune from Suzune Magica.

Foreign names

  • Japanese - 天乃鈴音 (Amano Suzune, original name), 鈴音 (Suzune, Magical Molly! continuity)

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