Super Pretty Cure! (スーパー プリキュア! Sūpā Purikyua!) is the first third generation Pretty Cure fanseries created by CureKanade. The theme is power.


Super Pretty Cure! Episodes

Kino Kirari and Hane Akira are best friends but they fight over the littlest of things. When they were having a fight, three people appeared and gave them a letter, that when the girls opened it, dark energy came out of it and shot into their chests. Kiseki, a fairy from Land of Power, appeared and stopped the power within the girls going dark and when the dark magic was cleanse, gold light appeared in front of the two girls and turned into the Super Magic Brace, that transformed the two girls into Cure Power and Cure Magic! Even though they have the power to defend Earth from darkness, they have to stop having fights and let their friendship measure up to the bonds of Pretty Cure! Can the two girls fight and save Earth from the darkness that is coming?


Pretty Cure

Kino Kirari (木野 きらり Kino Kirari) is fourteen years old and has a happy-go lucky personality. Kirari excels in art, really good at both drawing and painting, but she is very bad at studying. She has a huge love for sweets, in particular the cakes from Mizuno Etsuko's family cake shop. Her alter ego is Cure Power (キュア パワー Kyua Pawā) and her theme colour is pink.

Hane Akira (羽 アキラ Hane Akira) is fourteen years old and has a sweet personality. Akira is excellent at studying and tops every class with ease, but is very bad at sports. She dreams of being the top author in Japan and has a love for cats and reading. She also loves sweets. Her alter ego is Cure Magic (キュア マジック Kyua Majikku) and her theme colour is white.


Kiseki (キセキ Kiseki) is a female cat-like fairy of magic, and is the partner of both Kirari and Akira. She is the best friend of Chikara, who went over to the dark side. She was sent to Earth to search and collect the scattered Magic Orbs of the Powerful Score of Light, and she had met Kirari and Akira while searching for them.

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