Starlight Pretty Cure
StudioToei Animation
LicensorToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunApril 16, 2016 - Ongoing
Ending SongNirvana (from Noragami Arigato)
Starlight Pretty Cure (スターライトプリキュア Sutāraitopurikyua?) is a Pretty Cure fan series by Reinboku~otsu. The series' motifs are dreams, music, gemstones and stars.




  • Tendo Mayu / Cure Celestial
    • The protagonist and leader of the series. Mayu is an optimistic and helpful, but a bit on the ditzy side. She has a talent for singing, but can't preform in front of others. Using her Star Parfum, she can turn into Cure Celestial, who's theme color is pink, has power over holy light and gemstone is Rose Quartz.
  • Hikage Aki / Cure Bright
    • A protagonist and temporary leader of the series. Aki is brash and blunt, who cares in her own confusing way. She has a talent in playing the guitar and the trumpet. Using her Star Parfum, she can turn into Cure Bright, who's theme color is red, has power over fire and gemstone is Ruby.
  • Ozora Teruno / Cure Radiance
    • A protagonist of the series. Teruno is sweet and polite girl, that seems to be the mature one of the group. Teruno has shown to play the violin very well and desiging clothes. Using her Star Parfum, she can turn into Cure Radiance, who's theme color is yellow, has power over electricy and gemstone is Citrine.
  • Midoriken Haruka / Cure Comet
    • A protagonist of the series. Haruka is an imagnative and loyal girl, who can't sit still no matter what. Haruka has a talent for composing music, and aspires to become a famous composer. Using her Star Parfum, she can turn into Cure Comet, who's theme color is green, has power over wind and gemstone is Peridot.
  • Soragawa Izumi / Cure Shine
    • A protagonist of the series. Izumi is calm and graceful girl, who can be stubborn on certain occations. Izumi has a talent for the piano, and comes from a family of preformers. Using her Star Parfum, she can turn into Cure Shine, who's theme color is blue, has power over ice and gemstone is Sapphire.


  • Neil
  • Altair


  • Queen Kuragari
    • The main antagonist of the series and the mother of Mikage.
  • (Prince) Mikage
    • The son of Kuragari. He often flirts with Teruno, but will deny it when pointed out.
  • Nevermore
  • Endless
  • Eternal
  • Shade - The main monster of the series.

Minor CharactersEdit


  • Star Parfum - The transformation device of the series.


  • Seiun - The city where the series takes place.
  • Kingdom of Wishes - Neil and Altair's home.




Soundtrack AlbumsEdit

Vocal AlbumsEdit


  • Starlight Pretty Cure shares similarities to Smile Pretty Cure


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