Star Prince PreCure
(Sutā Purinsu Purikyua)
StudioToei Animation
LicensorFunimation Entertainment
Star Prince PreCure (スタープリンスプリキュア Sutā Purinsu Purikyua?) is a manga series based on Izumi Todo's Pretty Cure series create by CureKurogane. The series was published by Kodansha Comics, and it shares some elements from Happy! Prince PreCure as well as LoliRock and Uta no Prince-Sama. The main motifs of the series are princes, gemstones, and idols.


17-year-old, Hououji Hyousuke is a second year student at Daimonji High School with dreams of becoming a singer, songwriter, and actor. But then one day, everything changed when he was approached by a magical winged lion, who tells him that he is the lost prince of Ember, a kingdom located in parallel universe called Solaire, which was taken over by King Noir and the only way to stop him is if Hyousuke finds the Solarian Gems of the Royal Crown of Solaire, which protected both the entire kingdom and its Queen.

But he was soon attacked by two strangers, who were also trying to find the Solarian Gems. But when Hyousuke gets pushed to the edge, a magical power awakens within him, thus being given a special brooch that allows him to transform to the Prince of Ember, Cure Suzaku!

With the help of his new friends, who are also aspiring singers as well as the lost Princes from Solaire, these boys must find the scattered Solarian Gems and bring an end to King Noir's control and take back the Kingdom before its too late.


Pretty CuresEdit

  • Hououji Hyousuke (鳳凰寺豹介 Hōōji Hyōsuke?) / Cure Suzaku (キュアスザク Kyua Suzaku?) : The main protagonist of the series. Hyousuke is a 17-year-old second year at Daimonji High School, who has a passion for singing, songwriting and dance. He is shown to be friendly and very protective of his friends. He is the lost Prince of Ember, and he can transform into Cure Suzaku. His theme color is red/orange, and his gemstone is the Ruby.
  • Asahina Touya (朝比奈洞爺 Asahina Tōya?) / Cure Morning (キュアモーニング Kyua Mōningu?) : The second protagonist of the series. Touya is a cheerful and hyperactive young man who also had an interest in music, but he's also into acting as well. He enjoys entertaining everyone and would often show off his songs he would often write when bored in class, which sometimes have him get scolded by the teachers. He is the lost Prince of Halo and can transform into Cure Morning. His theme color is pink and his gemstone is the Rubellite.
  • Kihane Subaru (黄羽スバル Kihane Subaru?) / Cure Aquila (キュアアクイラ Kyua Akuira?) :  The third protagonist of the series. Subaru is a very skilled pianist and dreams of becoming a world famous singer. However, his mother is very strict and would forbid him to sing any songs, and because of it, he starts to rebel against her wishes. However, he does get encouragement from his father and his friends because of his singing talent as well as his incredible piano melodies. He is the lost Prince of  Garuda and can transform into Cure Aquila. His theme color is yellow and his gemstone is the Diamond.
  • Midorino Fujiro (緑野富士郎 Midorino Fujirō?) / Cure Gryphon (キュアグリフォン Kyua Gurifon?) : The fourth protagonist of the series. Fujiro is a skilled guitarist, who was once the lead singer in his now broken-up band, Namikaze. He is shown to carry his favorite guitar with him, given by his late grandfather and has treasured it ever since. Fujiro dreams of becoming a famous singer and lead guitarist and has the talent to prove it to people, who ever doubted him. He is the lost Prince of Boreas and can transform into Cure Gryphon. His theme color is green and his gemstone is the Emerald.
  • Aomine Yuugao (青峰夕顔 Aomine Yūgao?) / Cure Triton (キュアトライトン Kyua Toraiton?) :



Minor CharactersEdit





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