Sparkle Warriors! is the third magical girl installment created by japanesenerd247. The story consists of five girls who become warriors chosen to defend the world from darkness and evil. The theme of the story is sparkles, girl power, hope, colors and friendship.

Story Edit

Once upon a time, there was an unknown galaxy called Sparkle Island Galaxy: home to everything that sparkles and glimmers. Peace also existed as long as the twenty-four Sparkle Jewels remained in exsistence, keeping the island/galaxy safe and to maintain its sparkly atmosphere. Unfortunately, the evil twins Blackto and Greyphina shattered the island's peace and drained the galaxy's energy and turned it into Black and Gray energy (even took some of the citizens and made them evil), which resulted in shambles. The queen of the island, Queen Rainbownia, used some of the energy from the powerful Sparkle Gems to create Sparkle Crystals, gems who only have the power of half a Sparkle Gem, but has miraculous power if the possessor as a good heart. She even sends his son, Prince Warmgania, to Earth to make sure the Sparkle Crystals get sent safely to earth. It's up to the seven chosen warriors to save the galaxy (and the Earth) from DOOM!!!!!!!

Characters Edit

Karen Williamson (Ikuna Kobayashi)- Sparkle Raven

Karen is a 15 year-old gal who is the major geek of the group. Karen is most likely seen with a book or a overly cleanliness attitude. She also a very strong sense of sensitivity, probably because of her divorced mother's troubles. As Sparkle Raven, she is the legendary warrior of mysticality and magic, and represents the gemstone amethyst. Her catchphrase is, "Be mystic and magical, and purple, too! I'm Sparkle Raven!" Her weapon is Sparkle Arrow, her finishing attack is Raven Glimmer, and her background color is plum.

Vanessa Lewis (Sakuna Suzuki)- Sparkle Frost

Vanessa is a 15 year-old gal who just loves adventure. She is the major tomboy in the group, wearing midriffs and overalls nearly all the time. She is also very hardcore and loves to eat different foods. As Sparkle Frost, she has the power of ice and winter, and represents the gemstone aquamarine. Her catchphrase is, "Be cool and adventurous, and icy blue, too! I'm Sparkle Frost!" Her weapon is Sparkle Wand, her finishing attack is Frost Spell, and her background color is cyan.

Mei-Mei Chang (Sakura Kuramochi)- Sparkle Dragon

Mei-Mei is a 15 year-old gal who is actually the opposite of an actually dragon: friendly, sweet, but she does pack a punch. She mostly loves to eat ramen and okonomiyaki, and loves boy bands (ANY boy band). As Sparkle Dragon, she has the power of fire and courage, and represents the gemstone ruby. Her catchphrase is, "Be strong and full of courage, and red, too! I'm Sparkle Dragon!" Her weapon is Sparkle Fan, her finishing attack is Dragon Inferno, and her background color is scarlet.

Annie Cosgrove (K


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