Sparkle! Diamond PreCure is a Fanmade Pretty Cure Series by CureJade2910. NOTE :This is a remake of the original. The original series still remains in Fandom of Pretty Cure Wiki and can be found here.


Sparkle! Diamond PreCure Episodes

The Diamond Land is kept control of Ruler Jadeite. The Shadow Mistress is the ruler of the Shadow Land. The Shadow Mistress doesn't want any lights or shining things near her Land so she sends her people to turn the Diamond Land into a part of her Land.Jadeite doesn't allow this but only manages to keep half the Land safe while the rest of land is in Shadows. To prevent more danger,she sends Precious to Earth for the Pretty Cure...


Pretty Cures

Midori Hisui(緑 翡翠 Midori Hisui)

Hisui is 14 years old and is very protective amongst her friends. She's shy and is not greatest the fun things. Later in the series,it's founds out she is a reborn body of Queen Jadeite. She is loud but doesn't show this side of hers often. Her alter ego is Cure Jade (キュア ジェイド Kyua Jeido)

Cure Ruby

Cure Emerald






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